Yvette Nicole Brown on How the Entertainment Industry Can Do Better – Exclusive

The world is accepting more than ever before, and it’s really being shown on television, with more inclusive shows hitting the airwaves and streaming services every year. But something’s still missing: How much you weigh still seems to be an ongoing problem in show business. It’s something that actress Yvette Nicole Brown has wanted to change.

For Brown, the stigma around weight is something that comes home. “Anyone who looks at me knows that I have dealt with obesity in my life as my weight has gone up and down publicly,” she said during an exclusive interview with The List.

Now she is making the matter public. Brown is working with Queen Latifah on a campaign called “It’s Bigger Than Me” to help change the story when it comes to obesity. “There’s the idea that obesity is something we did to ourselves rather than it” be a health problema disease, and it can be caused by your genes or your hormones,” Brown told us. When it comes to the portrayal of obesity in the world, she believes the entertainment industry can help change that.

Representation really matters

Movies and TV shows in recent years have made it clear that representation really matters. But one thing that’s consistently lacking is inclusion when it comes to weight. “I hope that those in power in the entertainment industry will start making more storylines and movies and television programs that talk specifically about obesity as a disease,” Yvette Nicole Brown told The List. “Because once we see more of it in front of us, representation is important, and you can’t be it unless you see it.”

By drawing attention to what obesity really is, Brown wants viewers to feel less ashamed and less ashamed of their own weight. “This isn’t about being hard on yourself; this isn’t about blaming yourself,” the actress said. “This is about realizing it’s a disease and talking to your doctor to get help.”

In time, she hopes the spotlight will slowly shine on the stigma surrounding weight, eventually completely changing the world’s perception of obesity. “That’s so important,” she told us. “That — in addition to entertainment — can really change lives.”

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