Revenge of the Lich King Classic coming soon and Socialknows people are already trying to max out characters on the current level Burning Crusade Classic servers to be ready the first day. And that’s why they go a special bonus XP event to make it easier for those players to get into Northrend as quickly as possible.

According to CM Kaivax, this will take the form of a buff called Joyful travels, increasing all forms of experience – quests, killer mobs, battlegrounds, you name it – by another 50%. They don’t know when they’re going to do this, but it should start a few weeks before the pre-patch for Wrath Classic and last until the first day of the expansion pack. It will also be active in new starting areas for players who want to go to 70 on a brand new server without a level 70 already. This will allow players to reach 70 as soon as possible to participate in the pre-wrath activities such as the time-limited Karazhan and Stratholme bosses (Tenris Murkblood in Kara, Balzaphon in Stratholme) and the infamous Zombie Plague event.

No word yet on when Wrath Classic is going to launch, so we’re going to wait a little while for the Joyous Journeys event to kick in, but if you want to explore Northrend again – or possibly for the first time – you should have a month or two once the buff is active to get to level 70 and getting ready for the 70 to 80 push. You can experience the horrors of the plague as it ravages our cities, roam the world in search of packs of Scourge to stop, and possibly even roll a DK character into a new starting realm once the pre-patch is live. I always love XP boost events so I’m already planning what race and class I’ll be preparing for Wrath Classic once Joyful travels goes live.

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