The problem with using SteamOS on Valve’s mini computer is that it can’t exactly play every game available for Windows PCs, and not every title in your Steam library will play well if it’s not part of the Steam Deck. verified list† Installing Windows 11 removes those limitations, making the Steam Deck a device that can run virtually any application that meets its specs. This includes titles found outside of the Steam ecosystem, such as Epic Games Store and EA Play games, as well as console emulators and various productivity applications such as video editing or graphic design software.

Plus, using Windows 11 instead of SteamOS opens up your Steam Deck to a plethora of possibilities and usage scenarios. For example the Steam Deck Specifications include hardware that enables full desktop or multimedia presentation mode, including a USB-C display port that can support monitors with up to 8K resolution and a USB 3.2 slot that can connect USB hubs, storage drives, and other PC peripherals. Valve also revealed that the Steam Deck is “fully capable” of dual-booting, allowing switching to Windows 11 without uninstalling SteamOS. Of course, the SteamOS wizard that makes this process handy isn’t available yet, so setting it up can get complicated. The thing is, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues arising from installing Windows 11.

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