The creator of the website is a computational biologist and designer named Devang Thakkar. In creating the archive, Thakkar gave players who missed one of the daily puzzles the chance to go back and do it the next day, and players who wanted to do more than one puzzle per day, the opportunity to complete as many previous puzzles as possible. play as they wished . He announced that he had been approached by the New York Times and asked to take the website off the air. “It’s been three fun months since I launched this archive and many of us have enjoyed it very much, but all good things come to an end,” he said in a post on his website. “The New York Times has asked me to close the archive – to be honest I wondered why it was taking so long.”

It seems Thakkar wasn’t surprised by the request, as he likely knew that the New York Times is highly motivated to protect the exclusivity of its “Wordle” investment. It’s still frustrating news for those who have been fans of the archive and who have enjoyed the opportunity to play more than the only puzzle of the day offered by the New York Times. With any luck, the news center may consider making an official version of the archive in the future.

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