Why Kat Dennings decided to change her name

When we think of celebrities who have changed their birth name, we first think of someone like Lady Gaga or Lana Del Rey. Their stage characters sound like they were specially designed for maximum star quality: memorable, glamorous, a little bit fantastic and roll off the tongue easily.

By contrast, while “Kat Dennings” has a nice ring to it, it could plausibly be the real name of the “2 Broke Girls” actor. In fact, most people don’t know it isn’t. While she’s made no effort to hide her pre-Hollywood name, Dennings seems totally fine with people not knowing. After all, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, and not everyone’s birth name would suit them.

Years later, Dennings seems to have made the right decision by changing her name when she moved to Hollywood. While she probably would have been successful anyway, it’s hard to imagine the… MCU actor going through something else. That said, she is still occasionally asked about her birth name and why she changed it.

Kat Dennings finds family name ‘horrible’

Unfortunately, there is no juicy conspiracy when it comes to Kat Dennings’ name change in the beginning; it just comes down to a matter of preference. Dennings, born Katherine Victoria Litwack, has made a record to express her dismay at the name. In 2008 she told: Philadelphia Magazine“I didn’t want to use my last name because I thought, A, it was kind of horrible, and B, I wanted to know if someone really knew me or not. I was a precocious boy.’

Given the number of followers that celebrities can attract, the name change is a very smart decision. While it only takes five seconds to search someone’s real name on IMDb or Wikipedia, most people probably assume that “Kat Dennings” is the “doll face” the actor’s real name. Then, based on what they call her, she can determine whether they are pre-Hollywood or post-Hollywood. Dennings then revealed the origin of her hated surname in her Philly Mag interview. “It’s a tough Polish-Jewish name,” she said. “I used to be very sensitive to it, but now I don’t care anymore. And Katherine’s got Katie, Kat, and if you want to die, Kathy, but nobody can go there – nobody.’

Despite opting for a stage name, Dennings has spoken more than vocally about her Jewish heritage over the years.

Kat Dennings is proud of her background

She may not be seeing Katherine Litwack anymore, but Kat Dennings has never hidden her Jewish identity. In fact, it even came up in one of her breakout roles. In the 2008 romantic comedy “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” Dennings’ character Norah talks about Judaism throughout the film. in one scene, Norah shares the concept of tikkun olam with Michael Cera’s Nicka Jewish principle to restore the world through social justice.

Judaism also played a part in Dennings’ first major role, where she… played a foul-mouthed tween on “Sex and the City.” In season 3 episodeSamantha Jones planned the Bat Mitzvah for Dennings’ character Jenny and was surprised by the adult conversations that took place. Knowing Samantha, that’s saying something!

In real life, Dennings identifies more with the cultural side of Judaism than with the religious side. In a 2008 interview with the Jewish Magazine, she said she wasn’t familiar with the term before reading the “Nick & Norah” script, and had to ask people on set what it meant and how to pronounce it. That said, Dennings still described himself as “one billion percent Jewish. I don’t think I have any relatives who aren’t Jewish.” She added: “It’s a background thing, but I’m proud to be Jewish.” While it’s unlikely that Katherine Litwack will appear in the credits of any future movies or shows, it’s clear that Kat Dennings is embracing where she comes from.

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