Why did a host of the view just compare Donald Trump to Richard Nixon?

If there’s one talk show that puts American politics in the spotlight, it’s “The View.” The result? Regular on-air disagreements and occasional fights that go too far. The chat show’s current panelists include progressive Joy Behar, moderate Democrat Whoopi Goldberg, leftist Sunny Hostin, and independent Sara Haines (per news week† According to The sunLindsey Granger recently appeared on “The View” to replace Meghan McCain as the show’s conservative voice.

Given their different political affiliations and backgrounds, it’s no surprise that the panel can sometimes clash heads, especially when it’s divisive on topics like former President Donald Trump. Recently, the women of “The View” tackled current committee hearings on the January 6, 2021 uprising and allegations that Trump was trying to manipulate the 2020 presidential election. On the June 22 episode, a host shared some controversial opinions about Trump and how he might resemble Nixon, another former president known for his scandals and nearly impeached.

The View host Lindsey Granger thinks Trump will be pardoned

The hosts of “The View” discussed the Jan. 6 committee hearings and the election workers threatened after Trump’s loss in 2020. In the segment’s first part (via Youtube), the panel agreed it was discouraging to hear about the harassment of the election workers. However, the panelists disagreed on the purpose and possible outcome of the hearings.

Lindsey Granger appeared to doubt the hearings will lead to a positive resolution, saying, “If President Trump is released and charged with criminal charges, you have brought his base to a point of no return and he will likely win the next election.” Joy Behar refuted Granger’s perspective, saying this is “an American issue” and that if Trump is indicted, he will be barred from federal office.

In the second half of the segment (via Youtube), Granger continued to suggest that the hearings could be pointless and will only encourage others involved in criminal investigations to “lose documents” to protect themselves from charges. She went on to say that others like Nixon have been pardoned after similar scandals, suggesting Trump could be given a similar pardon. Behar and Whoopi Goldberg defended the hearings, calling the “MAGA crowds threatening people” and the possibility that a future president would topple an election as major concerns if the investigations were halted.

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