Please note that I am not asking what the best platform is in terms of playing video games – this is a matter of taste to some extent and thus extremely subjective and it’s a lot easier and less controversial to ask people what they like, rather than what they think it is is best. Personally, I prefer to play games on my Xbox than on my PC, and then occasionally play some games on my iPad. I have a PlayStation 4, but I haven’t switched to the 5 – money is an issue – and for the same reason when the Nintendo Switch came out, my wife got one and I stayed where I was already happy.

This varies depending on the game – I prefer some games on PC like Cyberpunk 2077 or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, while I much prefer the console for Diablo 3† I play Diablo Immortal on both my pc and my ipad, but prefer that game on pc, while i play bejeweled on my iPad and my Xbox and I really prefer the game on my iPad. Sometimes it’s for convenience, sometimes it’s because I prefer a big TV screen to a smaller computer screen, sometimes it’s because I like more storage space for saved games.

I feel like some games shine on the platform they were first available for – I preferred them Animal Crossing on the GameCube for example, and I think Breath of the Wild works best on the Switch. Meanwhile you can port Skyrim to toaster ovens and it plays no better or worse, and Diablo 3 actually plays better I think on consoles.

That’s all the preamble to my question what? you prefer. Which platform do you like to game and why?

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