Tobey Maguire’s ex makes eyebrow-raising statement about their split

Everyone knows that breaking up sucks, but everyone has to find their own way to move on – even if that way looks strange or confusing to the outside world. That’s how we get the kind of eyebrow-raising statement that Tobey Maguire’s ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer, made about their divorce.

Meyer and Maguire announced their split in 2016, according to We Weekly, after nine years of marriage and two children. In a joint statement, the exes told the outlet, “As committed parents, our number one priority remains raising our children together with enduring love, respect and friendship.” At the time, an anonymous source told Us Weekly that there was “no drama” behind the breakup and that “they went back and forth over this decision” before simply deciding they had grown too far apart for the marriage to last.

It’s the sort of thing celebrities often say when announcing a divorce, but in this case, Meyer really sounds like she wasn’t kidding about staying friends.

Tobey Maguire’s ex-wife called their breakup ‘beautiful’

Jennifer Meyer told the hosts of “The World’s First Podcast” that her divorce from Tobey Maguire was “beautiful.” Actually, she said much more than that.

“I was able to make a conscious decision about how this breakup was going to go and trust that the universe had my back, had our backs as a couple for our kids, for all these things, and really, it was the best experience of my life with this beautiful breakup,” said Meyer (via ET† “I mean, I can’t even explain it. I would literally do anything for Tobey. He’s my brother. I love him to death and we have the most beautiful family.”

We don’t know anything about you, but most of our breakups haven’t exactly been great experiences. But we know that at least this one went better than many people can claim. In fact, Maguire and Meyer were recently spotted with daughter Ruby and son Otis celebrating Mother’s Day together, according to the Daily mail. Maybe Meyer should start teaching.

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