Since the release of the original “Resident Evil 4”, it wouldn’t be hard to say that the series has been going through some sort of identity crisis. Despite being firmly rooted in the survival horror genre it practically invented, the controversial “Resident Evil 5” was a stark difference from previous games in the series due to its gameplay. put emphasis on action as opposed to generating fear. The sequel, “Resident Evil 6”, was… also criticized for similar reasons† Capcom later returned to its horror roots with the release of “Resident Evil 7: Biohzard” and would later find a decent balance in the direct sequel “Resident Evil Village.”

For the “Resident Evil 4” remake to work, he must find a balance between gripping action and a terrifying atmosphere. “Village” seemed to do a good job and if those in power at Capcom want to maintain the integrity of “4”, this method might work best with the public. Recent reports suggest that the remake will be more horror oriented, which should bode well for longtime fans (via Gamespot). Should the action be just as captivating and well fleshed out, the remake should deliver some kicks.

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