The Truth About Prince Harry’s Controversial New TV Project

Growing up, Prince Harry knew he was in a unique position. As Prince Charles’ second son, he was third in line to the throne after big brother Prince William, but his position dropped with every child William and Kate Middleton had. Now the children of those children will have a higher claim to the monarchy. In other words, we will not see King Harry in our lifetime. The advantage of that royal status is that Harry has many more life options than his father and brother, and he makes the most of them.

Not all of those choices have been successful, however. The Prince and Meghan Markle’s withdrawal from royal duties has been called inconvenient at best and spiteful at worst, with many blaming Meghan for the decision (although Harry has said “Megxit” was his idea). Harry’s candor about his upbringing and mental health has outraged royal experts who are used to seeing a stiff upper lip in palace residents. Then there’s the Sussexes’ $25 million deal with Netflix, which is drawing disdain for not having any real content yet (per The Mercury News† Meghan’s lone project – an animated series called “Pearl” – was dropped by the outlet as part of a cost-cutting measure, via Deadline

Now Harry has a new project: an eco-travel company that aligns with his passion for the environment. But critics call it the umpteenth in his series of missteps after the palace.

Prince Harry is accused of exploiting an indigenous culture

Created by Prince Harry with partners such as, Expedia, Google and other major players, the Travalyst organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism. To launch the new initiative, Travalyst has a video starring the Duke of Sussex himself. His jog through a New Zealand forest is interrupted by a “rating agent” who tells him that a previous trip he made there was awarded 3 out of 5 stars for dropping a lollipop wrapper. (It turns out he was mistaken for another man.) The site features Māori performers and some of the dialogue is spoken in Māori. appear on a Maori television programHarry explained that the Māori values ​​of earth stewardship and working for the common good inspired him to found the organization.

However, the ad appears to be another blow to Prince Harry’s reputation. by the Daily mail, naysayers are calling on Harry to “appropriate Māori culture to shut down his eco-business.” Some point out that the Māori party has recently joined the sovereign nations calling for the ouster of Queen Elizabeth as New Zealand’s head of state. Others roll their eyes at the revelation that the spot was filmed in California, so the Kiwi actors had to be flown thousands of miles — meaning a lot of air fuel emissions — to get the footage. Piers Morgan hit him up Twitter“Harry is not only a terrible actor, he is also a terrible hypocrite.”

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