The Truth About Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen’s Friendship

On screen, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen make for a dynamic, sideways comedic duo. For proof, look no further than Lays’ 2022 Super Bowl commercial featuring the duo. Hilarious and over-the-top, the commercial was a special tribute to their more than 20-year friendship.

Throughout their career, the couple appeared together in such films as “This Is The End”, “Sausage Party”, “Knocked Up” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”. After all, who can forget the scene in “Knocked Up” where Rogen and Rudd’s characters go on a drug-filled romp to Las Vegas that’s as sad as it is hilarious? “I think sending us to Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done,” Rogen said. “Good morning AmericaRudd also agreed that this was a special moment in their budding friendship. “And also because we went to Las Vegas for the final four days of ‘Knocked Up’ and the whole experience. I mean, the whole movie was a lot of fun to make, but that was just a completely surreal and fun way to wrap things up.”

But for Rogen and Rudd, most of the time when they’re filming together, it feels like they’re just hanging out with a friend. Rogen admitted he was surprised they could make movies at all. “It’s shocking that they were able to make a movie out of it because we were basically just chilling,” Rogen said during a promotional interview for “Knocked Up” (via The things† “We’re kind of idiots, as you can probably see, so if we leave it to our own devices, we’ll do this — which isn’t interesting. The magic of the editing will make this seem hilarious.”

Seth Rogen describes his 20-year friendship with Paul Rudd

It makes sense that it took a movie to bring Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen together. Both Rogen and Rudd met on the set of “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. At the time, Rogen played a bit of a cameraman role on the project. Rudd starred in the project as one of the film’s supporting characters. “I played Christina Applegate’s cameraman in a few scenes. We re-shot the finale and I actually think the first time we hung out we were literally driven in a van to and from the set, watching Steve Carell and Christina [Applegate] almost being mauled by a bear,” Rogen said People† That was the beginning of what would become a decades-long friendship.

Rudd was a fan of Rogen thanks to Rogen’s time on the short-lived project “Freaks and Geeks.” But Rogen said their friendship only really bonded when they auditioned for “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” together for hours.

†[We] Spent hours and hours and hours and hours together in a very small room, just reading actors like non-stop,” continued Rogen. Like any good friendship, this one was based on humor. Take this 2019 video from “The Graham Norton Show,” for example. Here, Rudd reduced Rogen to uncontrollable laughter and described a time when he was not entertaining Michael Douglas on the set of “Ant-Man”. These two undoubtedly know how to have a great time together.

Paul Rudd likes to joke with Seth Rogen

Sure, comedians love to prank each other, but sometimes they backfire. Seth Rogen described an occasion when Paul Rudd took over as his masseuse at a Las Vegas spa. When Rogen didn’t notice the swap, Rudd decided to finish the massage. “Once I was at the spa in a hotel in Vegas to get a massage,” Rogen tweeted. “When I was done I turned around and to my horror Paul Rudd was massaging me. He saw me go in and convinced the masseuse to let him take over, thinking I would notice right away. I did it didn’t, and Paul did the whole rest of it.”

It sounds very much like a scene from one of their comedies – but that’s the nature of Rogen and Rudd’s friendship. Just because they’re friends doesn’t mean Rogen doesn’t believe that Rudd can secretly be a vampire or immortal. In a hilarious interview, Rogen discussed how he somehow looks older than Rudd now, despite Rudd being older when they met. “In some ways it was a bit alarming, honestly, because when I started working with Paul Rudd, he was older than me,” Rogen said. “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “And now I somehow passed him! You’d think I was his uncle between the two of us.’

While the jury is still out on whether Rudd is truly immortal, the friendship between him and Rogen seems to stand the test of time.

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