The Truth About Keira Knightley’s Husband

Pride and Prejudice star and Oscar nominee Keira Knightley tends to keep her life out of the tabloids these days. But it wasn’t always like that. When the British beauty first started making stars in the industry in ‘Bend It Like Beckham’, ‘Love Actually’ and ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’, she was hounded by the paparazzi who followed her every move.

“The value of photos of famous young women at the time went up if they were of a very negative nature,” she said The Telegraph in 2019. “So if you weren’t already having a nervous breakdown, they were trying to get you to do things that held your value as high as the ones that were.” When paparazzi forced her car off the road in Kentish Town, she disappeared for a year. “I had a nervous breakdown when I was 22, so I took a year off there and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder because of all that stuff,” Knightley told me. The Hollywood Reporter Podcast ‘Awards Chatter’ in 2018. When she went back to work a year later, she ‘felt better’ and ‘very good’. That is probably why the star of “The Imitation Game” managed to protect her private life with her husband.

Understandably, while the rest of Hollywood is fretting over the relationship ups and downs of the Kardashians, the Jolie-Pitts, and every couple in the “The Bachelor” franchise, most don’t even know Knightley’s husband’s name. Believe it or not, he is also in the entertainment industry and is quite successful in his own right.

James Righton is a successful rock star

In 2013, “Atonement” star Keira Knightley married keyboardist from British dance-punk band Klaxons, James Righton, per Time† The Klaxons are an acclaimed band that defeated big names like Amy Winehouse and Arctic Monkeys in 2007 to win the coveted Mercury Prize. CTV News† They had big charts in 2007 with “Golden Chance” and “It’s not done yet.” And as it should be, Knightley was incredibly tight-lipped when the news broke that he was asking the question. “He did very well!” was all she would say iVillage in 2012 and the couple married the following year in Mazan, France, per Daily mail

Despite Klaxons’ critical and commercial success, Knightley says her husband’s income is not comparable to hers, and he is not in the least intimidated by her success. “That’s what our national papers say to girls — that you should feel guilty if you’re doing it right if it makes a guy feel uncomfortable, which isn’t the case with my husband and not my father,” she said. porter in the year 2020.

The couple have two children, Edie and Delilah, and according to Knightley, righton enjoy the life of homeliness. She said Harper’s Bazaar in 2021 that Righton is “pretty extreme, vaguely OCD — that makes him a really good cook.” We like to see that, because it wasn’t that long ago that Knightley was dating men who were threatened by her success.

Keira Knightley’s ex-boyfriends weren’t so supportive

Before marrying James Righton, Keira Knightley had two high profile relationships. First came Jamie Dornan, the star of Fifty Shades of Grey, who at the time of their courtship (2003-2005, per In style) was still a struggling model and not so sure with her level of success. “There’s a lot of pressure when you go out with someone like Keira,” Dornan told Post on Sunday in 2006. “You can feel a little second-rate… It’s not like I brought the bread to the table — and that can affect everything.” Dornan believed that men are supposed to be “the alpha in the relationship when it comes to money and power”, and since he wasn’t, he felt the need to “be dominant in other areas”, ultimately leading to conflict.

Next came actor and her “Pride and Prejudice” co-star Rupert Friend. The private couple was together for five years, but again, it turned out to be someone who couldn’t handle having a partner in the spotlight. A source close to the exes told The Sun (via Marie Claire UK), “Rupert hates the idea of ​​being tracked and photographed. Keira had to accept it in part because of her rising profile… The pressure took its toll and both decided they should go their separate ways.”

Years after their breakup, Friend was still mocking Knightley when, in 2018, he responded to a Twitter fan account that posted old throwback photos of the former couple with a thumbs-down emoji, per Daily mail

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