The truth about the relationship between Katie Holmes and Chris Klein

Katie Holmes and Chris Klein became famous around the same time when they were about the same age. Holmes became a household name as Joey Potter in the teen drama “Dawson’s Creek,” which premiered on The WB in January 1998 at age 19. Likewise, Klein shot to fame at age 20 in 1999 when all the cool teens doubled down in laughter watching the VHS of the first “American Pie.” Holmes and Klein then inevitably crossed paths, sparking a romantic relationship between the two, according to Daily mail† But they were young and busy with their burgeoning careers, so it didn’t take long.

In 2005, Holmes had been linked with Tom Cruise, whom she married in November 2016 in a castle in Italy. The sword reported. By this time, Holmes and Cruise already had Suri, who was born in April, according to the Los Angeles Times† Their romance was the talk of the town. And their messy divorce drew just as much, if not more, attention—especially since Holmes seemed concerned about the Church of Scientology’s involvement in her and Suri’s life, the New York Post reported.

Klein, for his part, led a much quieter life around that time. It was only in 2011 that he met Laina Rose Thyfault, who became his wife in 2015. People reported. The couple, who have a son and daughter together, are still going strong. Although their lives go completely separate ways, Holmes and Klein fondly remember their shared time.

Katie Holmes and Chris Klein were engaged for two years

Katie Holmes and Chris Klein were just around 21 when they started dating in 2000, according to Daily mail† Despite their youth, the two had been serious about each other. So much so that they decided they wanted to become husband and wife. After being together for about three years, Klein proposed to Holmes, news they made public in December 2003, The sword reported. While Holmes’ relationship with Tom Cruise has been in the spotlight, she has previously shown a preference for keeping her private life to herself.

Holmes even refused to share details about her living situation or engagement to Klein with the media. Do they already live under the same roof? “That’s our business. But thanks for asking,” she replied People in 2003. Throughout their relationship, Holmes was still working on “Dawson’s Creek,” which was shot in Wilmington, North Carolina, according to People† That meant that she and Klein, who lived in California, spent a lot of time apart. “We certainly don’t see each other as much as we’d like, but we try to make the best use of the time we have,” she told the magazine in 2002.

Holmes moved back to Los Angeles in 2003 after the final season of “Dawson’s Creek” ended, according to People. But in 2005, they had broken off their engagement and had gone their separate ways. Though their relationship didn’t work out, Holmes and Klein remained on good terms.

Katie Holmes and Chris Klein remained friends

Katie Holmes and Chris Klein may have decided that getting married wasn’t the right move, but that doesn’t mean there was animosity between them. After the breakup, Klein had nothing but praise for his ex-fiancée. “Katie and I were traveling together…we were like the king and queen of the prom,” he said People in 2012. The couple also had a lot in common, which cemented their respect for each other. “We had a similar upbringing and we went through the same experience [in Hollywood]In many ways they grew up together. “We were kids, man,” he told Daily Beast in 2012. “We met before we could legally drink.”

But Klein also believed that the same phenomenon that brought them closer together drove them apart. “As the teen craze came to an end, we noticed that our relationship was also changing,” he told People. And the memories he has of their relationship are mostly positive. “We were all working, having success and having fun. It was the late 90s, young Hollywood, and we were having a good time…not like all the vampires today,” he said during his conversation with the Daily Beast.

Holmes and Klein would have remained friends. Reportedly, he even supported her during her divorce from Tom Cruise. “They’ve been on good terms since they broke up and he’s one of Katie’s few really solid friends,” a source told Heat magazine (via Irish independent

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