The Surprising Way Pregnancy Hormones Affect Britney Spears

Since her very restrictive conservatorship finally… ended up In late 2021, Britney Spears opened up on social media in a way she had been banned for more than a decade.

The legendary pop star has revealed, among other things, how difficult her life has been under the strict control of her father, Jamie Spears, and how happy she is that she can finally do what she wants.

The key to that process was Spears fathering another child, which she couldn’t do after being forced to use an IUD by her supervisors (per Variety† In April 2022, the hitmaker shared ‘Baby One More Time’ on Instagram that she was pregnant with fiancé Sam Ashgari, much to the delight of the fans.

At the time, Spears was also candid about her fears of motherhood and admitted she was concerned about press interference after being harshly judged by both the tabloids and the public the last time she expected. Unfortunately, it seems her concerns were justified, as Spears’ latest online behavior has left fans concerned for her future since the pop star posted several nude photos online (again).

Now she’s setting the record straight on the real impact of pregnancy in a typically candid way.

Britney Spears’ pregnancy is making her feel a little different

as the Independent notes, after Britney Spears shared a since-deleted post about how ugly and hideous her father made her feel as a teenager and all the way through her 20s, fans began to applaud her for sharing a variety of nude photos on Instagram

There were also concerns about the singer’s mental health, but many followers claimed that Spears was finally doing what she wanted and needed to be supported accordingly. And it turns out her dabbling in the buff is a result of the pop star’s recently announced pregnancy.

“Because I’m pregnant, my hormones are kinda dumb,” admitted Spears Instagram† †[B]But it’s weird, I want to jump out of the car and run naked like Will Ferrell in ‘Old School’ yeah pregnant lady running through it don’t mind me and I’m hot as a f**k here.”

So fans can relax as all is well with the “Toxic” hitmaker, who also posted a shot of tasty looking pizza that sadly fell short of her expectations.

Possibly alluding to the reaction to her nude photos, Spears admitted, “Rejected yet ready to own it again…I say it without any humiliation!!! I’m literally in it…the shame I bathe it in.” .. cry in it and laugh in it.”

She’s currently on vacation and clearly enjoying a well-deserved break (despite the bad pizza, of course).

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