I’m really glad Kate Bush is seeing a bit of the revival she deserves, but if we stop at Running Up That Hill I’m going to get really annoyed.

This is The Queue where you ask us questions and we’re probably in the attic in a beanbag chair listening to some records. We’ll be down in a few. Be cool. Don’t tell Mom.


Q4TQ: Best soul form for a darkfallen blood elf paladin? It doesn’t matter much, because Night Fae paladin is bad, but do it for the sake of completion

I would say probably either a shadow stalker or a Tiger† Blood Elves have a kind of feline mystique about them, and the Darkfallen’s ferocity only adds to that. The dragon hawk is also a great option for a Blood Elf, and would probably fit the Paladin side of the equation a bit better.

But if you don’t really want to be that extra, I feel like the default Vulpin is probably a bit Darkfallen-esque enough to work too.


Q4tQ: Do you want surnames for your WoW characters? I’m asking because I play FFXIV and I’m surprised how much it adds to how a character feels for them to have a last name.

But if the WoW developers did this, I’d like to have something like the Legacy System in SW:TOR so I could have multiple characters with the same last name because I have a bunch of night elves and they’re all family.

I would like this for a number of reasons. While I do, I’m usually the type of person who develops my characters, but I don’t really RP with them. And while yes, adding surnames would finally allow RP folks to add a surname, giving them an even deeper backstory and maybe family ties to other players or NPCs, which isn’t the main reason I’d want this.

It’s a bit of a weird (though very understandable) general media convention not to repeat names, especially in environments with dynastic monarchies. I understand you don’t want your characters to constantly clarify whether they mean Hans Holbein the Younger or the Elder, but we got all the way to Henry the Eighth and dozens of Lords Byron. There were three Thomases and three Roberts among the 13 co-conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot alone. Are you telling me no one else in all of Westeros has decided to name their baby Robert or Ned or Jon? Please. Plus, I feel like almost everyone who’s gone through elementary school has had a class or two where a few kids were called by their first and last names.

So let me call my blood elf Jennifer Sunstrider, and let a leprechaun call herself Jennifer Oilgear, and a Goblin might call herself Jennifer Coinsplosion. It would avoid confusion and at the same time let all those poor Demon Hunters who called themselves Ëlŀâdiñ live their lives and find Pugs in Discord…although of course they would probably just choose to be Illidan Størmrage, leaving the whole thing up for debate.


QftQ: When does enough patch/expac items become too much? 9.2 added soooo many random bits for you to collect and then one of the slowest methods of getting the necessary parts [motes] to make the most of it. When is it just too much?

A. Then there are too many. A. This may be influenced by the fact that I’m a perpetual game hoarder, in part because I just can’t be bothered to juggle the whole thing with bag space. I toss as much as I can to do the things I really want to do and call it good as I scurry around like pug hats and random greens I was planning to send to an alt, etc. I’ll leave it then building it up until I really, really get to deal with it, and then it’s an all-encompassing chore, sorting through different alt mailboxes and stuff.

Yes, this extends to my real life to some degree – even Mitch is floored by the number of tabs I have open in Chrome.

Towards the end of the expansion there’s always a sense of, well, I could go back to .1 content and it’s still kinda current, so I can’t throw these geegaws out just yet, and then just like we going to the next expansion there’s a feeling that, well, if i really wanted to get around to it, i would have by now, and this too will probably be trivial to grind if i top it later, so meh. And even then, there are a few items that don’t quite fit into my personal keep/delete effort matrix – I know I still have parts of Legion’s kite stuff, for example. It’s so liberating for the seller to outright destroy all those little things as we go along, but I feel like if this was just a rep thing, or a currency related purchase, it would take away the feeling by all that crazy stuff in the first place. I know there are certain very specific items that are meant to be very, very rare, so wouldn’t fit well into any of those boxes, but honestly, unless they’re pet related I usually can not be hindered.

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