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What if Azeroth is the bad guy and her awakening destroys reality? What if one day we have to destroy her to save the universes?

I mean she’s a baby† Yes, she is a baby in a cocoon in a planet, and she is a baby made of brute force that could transcend what we understand of cosmic entities, far surpass the Titans, the Eternals, and so on, and in that respect she is a baby who has had what really bad experiences and has been hurt quite a bit, but still in the sense of a cosmic entity this is a baby we are talking about.

I mean, towards the end of Legion we even got a mission to go and try Magni to get her back to sleep after she had a bad dream.

This is a baby. And while babies can be temperamental and difficult and stubborn and refuse to go back to sleep, I’ve never met a baby I’d describe as the bad guy† Not even the ones that surrendered to me, which I really didn’t like.

I don’t want to side with the maniac who tried to kill a baby for his evil plans would have been a good move. the jailer hurt a baby† He was wrong, and I’m glad his existence has been knocked out of him.


Q4tRossiQ: I wonder what you think about an in-game reason for “army replenishment”…it just feels like Azeroth has gone from crisis to crisis over the past ten years…I guess there just aren’t enough able-bodied soldiers LINKS to tackle even more… even if every couple on Azeroth produced offspring as soon as possible, unless they use Gul’dan-y aging methods, we just don’t have enough people to deal with another large-scale crisis. Thoughts?

Well, we’ve just seen a demonic invasion of the world followed by a global war, that’s absolutely true. But then we got shadow lands, which didn’t involve the armies of Azeroth at all, and now we’re going to the dragon islands in a small expeditionary force made up equally of Horde and Alliance, so there’s almost no army involvement there either.

In essence, as weird as it may sound, because our characters reeling from crisis to crisis, the Alliance and the Horde have in recent years (by time) dragon flight ends, anyway) of relative peace. I’m not saying they should have replaced all those victims back then, especially for races like the Kaldorei – I mean even without immortality Elves live long and breed slowly, look how the Blood Elves are still only a fraction of the old High Elf population after more than a decade.

But still, at the end of BFA the Alliance and the Horde negotiated a truce and did not meet, and the Legion was defeated in Legion, and while from our heroic perspective things were chaotic and crazy with land of the dead and upcoming dragon working holidays, for the average farmers in Durotar or Elwynn it was actually a season of rest. I don’t expect these factions’ forces to be at full strength, but I do think they will have had time to replenish their ranks somewhat, albeit with fairly green, newly mature recruits.


The well of eternity is healing. Does this mean that the water that expanded and covered most of Azeroth as we know it will drain and therefore give us much more land to experience?

I mean, it’s been 10,000 years and there’s no sign of that happening.

Part of the problem is that the waters rose, but also that much of the continent set and collapsed – essentially much of ancient Kalimdor not only sank beneath the waves, it bent† Even if the sea level has fallen dramatically, there is a much greater difference between the remaining continents and the seabed than when it was all Kalimdor.

Incidentally, I am not 100% convinced that the Source of Eternity really heals. The Maelstrom, the swirling devastation at the heart of the Great Sea, shows no signs of closing any time soon and is the remains of the original Well of Eternity. Remember, Deathwing ripped that thing open when he came back catastropheas far as we know it has only gotten worse, not better.

I mean, we’ve seen some of it in BFA when we went to Nazjatar, but it took the power of the Stone of the Tides to wash away the water and as you’d expect, 10,000 years under the sea didn’t really give the place an earthly feel.


Q4tRossi-AMA-Queue: Where did your fascination with dinosaurs begin?

Interestingly (well, to me at least) this is a mistake many people make. I’m not fascinated by dinosaursI am fascinated by all kinds of prehistoric life. Trilobites, Amniotes, Pelycosaurs, the vast array of prehistoric amphibians and near-fish-like Tiktalikweird relatives of sharks like helicopterold Crocodyliformes like Sarcosuchusthe wild variety of mammalian creatures of the Cenozoic and their ancient, reptile-related ancestors the Therapsids…

I just love all these things. That definitely includes dinosaurs, and virtually all of their archosaur relatives, such as the various aquatic reptiles, or pterosaurs, or even the not quite dinosaur relatives in dinosaur morphia such as Silesaurididaeoften called the sister group after dinosaurs themselves.

What brought me on this path, I honestly don’t know. One of my earliest memories is of a book by Dougal Dixon called after man, which is actually roughly what life on Earth will evolve into in about 50 million years. That got me thinking about how time really flows, about how real long ago some of these animals lived – for example, Inostrancevia lived in the late Permian, in a world that had never seen a dinosaur because they had not yet evolved. And even that was after millions and millions and millions of years of terrestrial animals evolving from amphibious ancestors and radiating across the world.

And all those animals — tetrapods like modern reptiles, mammals, amphibians — descend from ancestors that themselves descended from tiny blobs with the smallest spine beginning, and those animals derived from ancestors not much different from those of the arthropods that modern insects. Heck, we’re related, if you go back far enough, to fungi.

There has been so much life on this planet that we will never find fossils. So many species, so many distinctive beings that we don’t know existed, that we will never know existed, that have shaped and contributed to the development of life on this planet and we are a part of it. When we’re gone, it’s possible that future intelligent beings will evolve and live on Earth and never know we were here.

So yes, I like dinosaurs very much. I also like old whale relatives like Ambulocetusor old horseshoe crab relatives, or even a brave little critter named Purgatorius you and I could be descended from.


Q4tQ: I’m making a spin on another game. When it comes to video game biomes, water world, ice world, lava world, which one would you choose to live/holiday/destroy?

I would like to be from Krypton. Maybe Daxam, but that whole lead vulnerability deal seems like a huge disappointment. I’m as powerful as Superman, but if you shoot me with bullets, I’ll have an allergic reaction and die† On the other hand, there is a lead fragility serum, while Kryptonite doesn’t seem to have any real means of curing or preventing it other than avoiding it. Plus Kryptonite gives people who are exposed to it for a long time really nasty cancer.

Depending on the version there are Ice World Kryptons (the one from the Christopher Reeve movies is definitely an Ice World), jungle world Kryptons (silver age Krypton not only had jungles with crazy critters like flaming dragons and thought beasts, it had even wilder features like jewel mountains and the most common element was gold – they had so much gold on Krypton that it was the cheapest possible material to make spaceships out of) and so I feel like I could pick a version of Krypton that answers all three of your questions.

Vacation on crazy Silver Age jungle Krypton, live on technologically advanced Bronze Age Krypton, destroy sterile, dead, desert Krypton of Byrne’s Man of Steel series. Maybe visit the cool sci-fi Krypton from the movie Man of Steel also, while I’m at it.

Clear some of you would destroy the little baby Azeroth. Yes, FuzzyBunny, I’m talking about you.

Okay, so ends my trifecta of queues for the week. I’ll see you guys next Wednesday, and hopefully Mitch and Liz will be in line next week because honestly I’m sure we’re all fed up.

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