Each year, the tilt of Azeroth brings us season after season. as sure as winter turns immediately into summerthe Qiraji Guardling starts spawning again. In fact, it has already started!

The Qiraji Guardling only spawns from the summer solstice to the autumn equinox. The first happened earlier this week, meaning you can head to the deserts of Silithus just outside of Ahn’Qiraj and buy one for yourself right now. The last one is on September 22 this year, so mark that in your calendar – it will sneak up on you sooner than you might think. After that date, the Guardling will return from where it came for another year.

The Guardling is generally a fairly solid pet and is a fantastic addition for novice tamers. It’s a Humanoid, a family type that… tends to be elusive in the wild† It gives some anesthetics, the sandstorm weather effect, and on top of that some good DPS. For not-so-beginner tamers, the level means taming a pet like a Terrible Turnip with Weakening Blow is a must. The Qiraji Guardling is also a requirement for the Zookeeper title, both by the Kalimdor safari and World Safari performance.

We’ll no doubt be back in winter with a reminder to catch a Snowy Owl, the Guardling’s winter equivalent. In the meantime, you might also want to try a raw summer bass for fishing performance the oceanographer† It’s a bit more forgiving – you can catch it all the way to the winter solstice in December. However, if it’s just about pets, don’t forget the one for the Midsummer Fire Festivalwhich ends on July 5.

Originally posted on June 24, 2020. Updated on June 22, 2022.

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