The Porter’s Loren Lott and Mouna Traoré Reveal the Historic Piece They Want to Do Next – Exclusive

There is no question that antique pieces have a lot to offer. They educate both new and older generations and can bring to light specific parts of history that would otherwise have been ignored. They also offer viewers a glimpse into the culture of another time period, including the music, fashion, food and more that were popular back then. Of course, the phrase “period piece” could also apply to future cases in a sense, because it’s still, well, time periods that are marked in the movie or series.

The latest to hit the screen is BET+’s “The Porter,” which was released in Canada in February but is now streaming on the platform for a US audience (via The Hollywood Reporter† Set in the 1920s, the series extrapolates on working conditions, continued industrialization, and colorism during that time. Fortunately, at the launch of the series on BET+, we were able to chat with two of the stars of the show, Mouna Traoré and Loren Lott.

In an exclusive interview with The List, Traoré and Lott discussed the fashion of the series and why the show’s history and message matter to all audiences. After all, history must be recognized in order to make progress. Of course, the two actors also discussed making period pieces, including that one time period that Lott and Traoré unanimously want to work on but haven’t had the chance to yet.

Both Loren Lott and Mouna Traoré want to make a film set in the future

“The Porter” stars Mouna Traoré and Loren Lott are familiar with pieces from that era, but there is still a time when neither of them have been able to visit through the cinema. Traoré even noted that “The Porter” is her “fourth period show,” though she joked that it was “not on purpose.”

“I Done 1904″ [and] 1908. I’m slowly climbing the history ladder,” Traoré recalls The List, citing her experiences from “The Book of Negroes” and “Murdoch Mysteries” in particular. However, “The Porter” made her sink her teeth into it even more because the time period is later than her previous shows [dive into the character]and it was several years later,” Traoré continued. “The mobility and resources my character had were so much more than on the previous show, and we got to see a much wider picture of a black woman who had been educated, pursuing of her interests in medicine.”

Moving forward in time is also something Traoré wants to keep doing, and Lott agreed. When asked which period they haven’t done but want to do, Traoré replied simply but emphatically, “the future,” while Lott noted her enthusiasm, adding, “Absolutely. That was energy.”

“I want to be in the future too because I never stopped working and I’m going to keep doing this forever and I’m going to keep booking jobs,” Lott continued with a laugh. Ultimately, both actresses have a bright future ahead of them, and Traoré knows that. As she said, “It happened that I am a girl on my period. The period shows that she loves me.”

“The Suitcase Carrier” is now streaming on BET+.

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