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Mike Myers returned to his roots by playing multiple characters in his new Netflix series the quintet which was released on May 5. After a week on the platform, the show has failed to make a splash, suggesting a season 2 isn’t on the cards, but it always turned out to be the plan to make the show a limited series, despite others otherwise speculated.

6 episodes of the new comedy series arrived on May 5 and saw a Canadian journalist kick his ass while investigating a mysterious conspiracy group known as the quintet That shares similarities to groups like The Illuminati.

Why The Pentaverate isn’t returning for a season 2

The Pentaverate will not return to Netflix for a season 2 as it was designed and produced as a limited series. That’s not to say that if the show was a breakthrough success, more couldn’t be done, but in this case, it wasn’t the plan.

If we look back at all of the Netflix promotion for the show (including press releases about the transactions), we can see that they all refer to the show as a limited series, at least early in its development. Deadline in June 2021 explicitly called the show a “half-hour comedy limited series”. It is worth noting that later articles did not mention that it is a limited series.

Most of the confusion seems to be around how Netflix labels the show, as it does indeed label it as “season 1” as opposed to “limited series” as most other miniseries do on the service. DigitalSpy too seemed to think that “at least there are plans to continue the story”, but that’s just not the case.

Netflix has referred to some of their limited series as “event” titles in recent months and that seemed to be the case here. The series trailer referred to its release as a “comedy series event”.

pentaverate label on netflix

Season 1 label on The Pentaverate

Of course, the show ends nicely anyway, meaning there’s not much need for a season 2.

Towards the end of Season 1, our hero Ken Scarborough has taken down The Pentaverate, which has now been renamed The Septaverate. They have managed to make major changes, with the significant change that there are now 7 members instead of 5.

How good is? the quintet performing on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the show doesn’t seem to have performed very well on Netflix anyway.

It was notably absent from the global top 10 list released by Netflix for performance between May 2 and May 8, meaning it scored less than 10.85 million watched hours. That fact was picked up by numerous transactions with one calling it a “bomb.”

Rough top 10 numbers suggest the show hasn’t made it all over the world either. FlixPatrol Reports the show was only in the top 10 in the US and UK for one day before dropping out. The show performed best in Canada, appearing in the TV top 10 for 8 days and in the overall top 10 for 3 days.

On the reviews side, things are a bit more mixed.

The critical scores for the series are appalling. It currently has a 21% on RottenTomatoes, but audience ratings have gone much better so far. It has an audience rating of 61% on RT and that is reflected on IMDb with a 6.1/10. Speaking of IMDb, the show peaked at #46 on the IMDb MovieMeter upon its release.

Would you have liked to see more of Mike Myer’s craziness on Netflix? Would you like to see him tackle another project for the streamer? Let us know in the comments below.

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