Paris Hilton became famous after her ex boyfriend released a sex tape they made two years earlier. Hilton could have hidden after that, but to her credit, she stepped into the light and became a reality TV superstar. Her series “The Simple Life”, in which Hilton starred with her friend Nicole Richie, ran for five seasons† Hilton has since become a fashion icon and has her hand in numerous business ventures, but she still manages to walk the red carpet whenever she can.

That happens quite often, so it’s not uncommon for Hilton to attend an important event. She’s had a few fashion issues over the years, but the most embarrassing one came in 2014, when she attended her 33rd birthday party in Hollywood. She wore a pink Alon Livne Couture dress, which looked fabulous on the hotel heiress. Hilton described her dress as: we weekly, saying “this was one of the couture dresses” [from the runway show], and I said, ‘I must wear that for my birthday; it’s like the perfect Barbie princess dress.'”

The dress had a high cut that extended above her waist, making her legs and more visible when the wind took it. As she walked the red carpet, Hilton moved in such a way that the fabric covering her underwearless crotch swayed, hiding nothing more. She showed off part of her bare crotch to everyone in attendance, and photos of the fashion faux pas quickly made the rounds online.

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