The Heartbreaking Death of Law & Order Actor Bruce MacVittie

“Law & Order” Actor Bruce MacVittie passed away at age 65. While audiences may recently recognize MacVittie for his guest roles in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Bull,” the actor was also loved by theatergoers. According to The New York Times, MacVittie has appeared in several Off Broadway productions over the past four decades. In addition to his Off Broadway work, MacVittie also appeared in one Broadway show in 1983. He debuted starring as Bobby in “american buffaloalongside Al Pacino after original Bobby actor, James Hayden, died of a drug overdose (via Deadline† Pacino shared in an interview after hearing of his death, “I loved Bruce MacVittie. His performances were always glittering and crackling; a heart and a joy to watch. … We will miss him.”

MacVittie’s wife, Carol Ochs, confirmed the news of his death on May 7, but the cause of his death has yet to be determined. After hearing of MacVittie’s death, Warren Leightthe current showrunner of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” retweeted a press photo of the late actor in CBS’s 1986 “The Equalizer,” sharing, “I met the wonderful Bruce MacVittie shortly afterwards. We worked together many times. He was a beautiful, honest actor and man. The real thing. He sent love to his friends and family.”

MacVittie often played ‘tough boys’

Bruce MacVittie was not only a much-loved TV and theater actor, but he was also one of the co-founders of the naked angels troupe in 1986. The New York troupe of actors, writers, directors, and producers was formed with the “intent of creating a creative home for rigorous new voices.” Some of the others founding members from Naked Angeles are Matthew Broderick, Marisa Tomei and Warren Leight. The New York Times described Naked Angeles as “a group of young movie and theater hipsters,” and even Edie Falco once said, “Naked Angels was the club that was too cool to let me in.”

MacVittie had a cool demeanor, as the NYT reported that he often played “tough guys,” which has seen him excel in roles on TV shows like “the sopranos” and “Law & Order.” guest-starred on shows like “Barney Miller” and “Miami Vice.” A hard-working actor, MacVittie continued to work consistently in film and TV until 2011 when he decided to change gears and go to school. going for nursing.He received his diploma in 2013 from Hunter College.

However, MacVittie returned to acting towards the end of his life and appeared in TV shows such as 2019’s “When They See Us” Along with his wife, Carol Ochs, MacVittie is also survived by his daughter, Sophia Oliva Ochs MacVittie.

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