The Doctor Who Helped Meghan Markle Deliver Lilibet Shares Unexpected News

It was June 2021 and Meghan Markle’s second child with Prince Harry had finally arrived! The girl was named Lilibet Diana, after her great-grandmother and grandmother, and was not born in the United Kingdom like her big brother Archie and her cousins ​​Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis (via The Washington Post

Instead, Lilibet was born in the United States, in California, her family’s new home, at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital (via People† As a source confided, Meghan and Harry considered several birth centers before settling at this hospital, with the insider noting, “Meghan loves that it was founded by women.”

dr. Melissa Drake was the purveyor who gave birth to the royal baby, with Dr. Gowri Motha, who helped deliver Archie, provide remote support from abroad. But just over a year after Drake rose to fame as chair of the much-anticipated 2021 birth, she’s made a shocking announcement that’s making headlines around the world.

dr. Melissa Drake is leaving her practice for personal reasons

According to the Daily mail, dr. Melissa Drake, who gave birth to Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandchild, Lilibet Diana, has “abruptly” walked out of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital — without notice. The announcement that she was closing her practice was shared on Instagramwith comments disabled on the now viral post.

“I am closing my practice,” Drake wrote, adding that it was the honor of her life to work with the women at the hospital. The famed obstetrician then stated that she was “taking time off” to “focus on” her health and spend time with her family. No further details were shared.

The post ended with Drake advising her patients to seek “appropriate” care from another health care provider. She noted that her last day would be June 15, 2022, adding, “If you are pregnant and your due date is after June 30, it will be necessary to transfer care to another practice.”

Patients immediately expressed their dismay at the sudden shutdown, according to the Daily Mail.

Pregnant women in the area are said to be very upset

Perhaps surprisingly, according to the Santa Barbara Independent, dr. Melissa Drake’s practice was “bubbly” before suddenly closing its doors. The outlet noted that as a result, the shutdown sparked a “battle” for care among pregnant women in the area, highlighting a growing shortage of midwives in the U.S.

We don’t know what exactly made Drake decide to part with her patients – she just announced that her health and family would come first. Could the attention she received after delivering Meghan Markle’s daughter Lilibet have grown to an uncomfortable level?

Again, the reasons for the shutdown are not 100 percent clear, but emphatically reports that the handling of end-of-care for women about to give birth has been done in a “terrible” manner — pointing to “anger” in patients left without a doctor to care for them and their babies to care.

At the time of writing, Meghan herself had not yet responded to the news of the closure.

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