The false rumors surrounding Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ relationship

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were once the golden couple of Hollywood. The two A-List actors surprised the world in 1987 when they tied the knot in Sin City, just three months after they started dating (per We Weekly† “We were moving to the gambling tables when Bruce said, ‘I think we should get married,’” Moore recalled in her 2019 book, “Inside out.” “We joked about it during the flight there, but suddenly it didn’t seem like he was joking,” she added. The two held a more traditional ceremony later that year, conducted no less by the late Tom Petty (as evidenced by Moore on Instagram† How Hollywood is that now!?

Despite their brief courtship, these two stayed together for years. Willis and Moore enjoyed marital bliss until they divorced in 2000 and welcomed three children together, Rumer, Tallulah and Scout. But like many famous couples, the rumor mill didn’t stop churning during their romance. People claimed the now-former couples were on rocky ground for about two years before finally going their separate ways — and there were enough rumors of infidelity to boot.

Did Demi Moore cheat on Bruce Willis?

Rumors certainly circulated during Demi Moore’s wedding to Bruce Willis that she was apparently not 100% faithful. Per VultureMoore was once associated with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, with the outlet suggesting that something allegedly happened between the two while Willis was working on a movie. Neither has ever confirmed the rumors, although the two were spotted together a few times.

DiCaprio’s stepbrother, Adam Farrar, revealed that the two attended at least one major A-List fashion event together.“We went to the last Versace show in Paris with Demi Moore before he was killed and Gianni fitted us both for costumes.” But it doesn’t sound like anything romantic happened to Moore after that event, as he admitted: “After the show, we partied with all the Victoria’s Secrets models. We were supposed to go to the Playboy Mansion and hang out with Oliver Stone.” BBC reported that Moore was also accused of allegedly inviting the “The Wolf of Wall Street” star to her and Willis’ home while he was away, though the latter later denied that his wife had done anything wrong.

Moore has also never confirmed that anything untoward ever happened to DiCaprio, though she has been candid about her past infidelities and even admitted that there were to cheat in her previous relationship with Freddy Moore.

What happened between Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler?

It wasn’t just Demi Moore who faced charges of cheating in her marriage to Bruce Willis, as it was suggested that something might have happened between Willis and his “Armageddon” co-star, Liv Tyler. People claimed that Tyler had supposedly been spotted at Willis and Moore’s house, which the latter was supposedly not happy about. “Demi could barely function. It was like, ‘How dare you bring her here!'” a source claimed at the time.

But Tyler vehemently denied the allegations. “Bruce has had enough of all the lies printed about him. It destroys your mind when you hear a lot of stories that hurt those involved a lot,” she told the Scottish Daily Record in 1998 (via The free library† “Bruce and I are good friends and we have a lot of fun together. Bruce has been a good friend to me, and those rumors ruin things,” she added. “Why doesn’t anyone talk about how much fun he’s having on set, how he’s always trying to give the other actors a lot of business advice? I guess that’s boring stuff, but it’s better than printing lies about people just because it’s his actors and somehow that makes up for it.”

But Tyler wasn’t the only one accused of getting Willis’s attention. The Irish Times claimed in 1998 that he had allegedly flirted with his “The Fifth Element” co-star Milla Jovovich which allegedly made Moore jealous, though that was never confirmed.

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