The Cast of Jersey Shore Reflects on a ‘Messy’ Season 5 of Family Vacation – Exclusive

There’s reality television, and then there’s “Jersey Shore,” which has almost redefined pop culture as we know it today. The original show fell in 2009, before we knew who Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was and before the words “The Situation” were associated with a person rather than an event that had gone sideways. “Jersey Shore” challenged what many people thought about the famous destination, and the show gave viewers stars to root for, along with drama. Later, spin-offs and marriages and children, “Jersey Shore” continues to evolve, with the cast giving as much today as they did on day one.

One element of “Jersey Shore” that has kept it at the forefront of reality television is its constant redefinition. Not only have there been great storylines and excellent drama, but the franchise has continued to evolve with spin-offs and sidelines. From ‘Floribama Shore’ to ‘Snooki and Jwoww’, the ‘Shore’ franchise has stayed fresh all these years and now ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ is stepping into the limelight. As Season 5 of the show resumes tonight, we sat down with members of the “Jersey Shore” cast to get their fresh look at the season, life since lockdown and more. It wouldn’t be a ‘Shore’ show without the drama, and the cast didn’t hold back when they talked about the current series’ ‘messy’ season 5.

How Much Drama Will Family Vacation Season 5 Have On-Screen?

It’s not “Jersey Shore” without high stakes, passionate sayings, and capital D drama, and season 5 of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” is poised to perform. When we sat down with Jenni Farley, Mike Sorrentino and Deena Cortese, we had to have the cast members tell us what the season will be like, and Farley said it bluntly: “Lots of drama – most I’ve seen.” We can’t wait already. .

Farley added that there was a lot at stake this time around, admitting: “As bad as it is, I think we’re also having the most fun this season” – as they say, you can’t have fun without a little bit of risk . Further commenting on the drama and tension on the screen, Sorrentino revealed to us that the season is incredibly exciting and full of twists and turns. †[It’s a] very unpredictable, entertaining season,” he said, affirming that season 5 will fit in well with the “Jersey Shore” tone.

So what made this time in front of the cameras so much more exciting? Cortese explained that with the COVID-19 precautions loosening by the day, the cast will be able to go out into the world much more easily. “You’re getting a little bit of our old school back, because the COVID restrictions have been lifted, so we can finally go out and be back in the world again instead of being secluded in one place,” she said. “You’re getting a little old school again.”

Despite COVID-19 Precautions, Jersey Shore Delivers Yet

To say that COVID-19 has changed pretty much everything in our daily lives is an understatement, and the cast of “Jersey Shore” felt the pressure of company closures, production regulations and more. During our sit-down, the cast members delved deeper into the season 5 drama while acknowledging that their seasons at home were just as successful.

“There were certain limitations that kept us from living our best life and giving it our all,” Mike Sorrentino told us. “Even between those seasons, we were still nominated for show of the year, and our ratings were always at the top of the charts.”

“The Situation” went on to reflect, telling us that given the easing of restrictions, “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” has returned the flavor of the old franchise, resulting in a “very refreshing season.”

“Although it’s been a very messy season, I’m very proud of how we got through it and how full transparency and full openness we all were,” said Sorrentino.

New episodes of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” premiere tonight at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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