The Bo Brady news that the fans of the days of our lives were not prepared for

When Peter Reckell made a brief return to “Days of Our Lives” in 2015 after leaving the soap for what seemed like the last time in 2012 (via IMDb), there was no dry eye with fans. At the time, his iconic soap opera character, Bo Brady, died in Hope Brady’s arms after just discovering he had an inoperable brain tumor. In 2016, Reckell made a one-time appearance on the soap In Hope’s Imagination as she explored her life and the people who had the most effect on it (via Michael Fairman TV

In 2020, actress Kristian Alfonso left Hope behind as she left town after she believed Bo and Hope’s adult daughter, Ciara Weston (Victoria Konefal), had passed away (via entertainment tonight† While Ciara returned, Hope didn’t, and Alfonso explained that it was time for her to leave the soap she’d occasionally called home, but mostly on, since 1983.

Fans were thus thrilled in April 2022 when NBC announced that both Reckell and Alfonso would return to their soap opera roles, but not in the daily version of “DOOL.” Instead, they would appear in the second episode of the streamed Peacock miniseries spin-off show, “Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem” (via TV Insider† However, when NBC released its latest weekly promo for the airing soap on May 13, fans were in for a big surprise.

Peter Reckell Returns to ‘Days of Our Lives’ as Bo Brady

On Friday’s episode of “Days of Our Lives,” it ended with Ciara Weston and Ben Weston’s (Robert Scott Wilson) newborn baby, Bo Brady Weston, lying in a basket placed in a pentagram with the satanically possessed Allie. Horton (Lindsay Arnold) try to use the baby as a permanent host (via† Ciara was in tears as she prayed for her late father to save his new grandson, and it seems that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

The Official NBC “DOOL” promo for the week of May 16, Ciara looks into a light and sees her father appear as it is announced, “Bo Is Back.” The scenes are clearly newly recorded material with Peter Reckell back in the role he hasn’t embodied in nearly seven years. Here’s a big surprise for fans expecting only Reckell’s return on “Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem,” which airs July 11 (via TV Insider

Whether Bo also appears as a ghost in the spin-off series remains to be seen, as presumed dead characters have previously made brief comebacks as ghosts to turn out to be alive. That doesn’t mean fans aren’t going crazy over this early surprise appearance from Reckell, though.

‘Days of Our Lives’ fans are overjoyed with Peter Reckell’s return

If “Days of Our Lives” tapes months in advance (via TV line), it’s often easy for big casting news to leak on social media. However, the return of Peter Reckell in May 2022, which appears to bring an end to the Devil Possession storyline that began in the fall, has remained a mystery. Some fans are so excited they don’t even care that he’s a ghost and not the real deal.

“I don’t understand how anyone can complain about ghost Bo! You don’t get more soap royalties than BO BRADY!!” a Twitter user wrote. “We’re lucky they brought him back and Peter agreed. Some people have to stop.’

Another fan just can’t wait for the on-screen father and daughter to reunite, write, “Bo on my screen helps his daughter protect her son. I’m not ready yet.” Yet another fan said it will turn her into a “Days of Our Lives” fan again, tweet“This has brought me so much joy tonight!!! I haven’t even seen this show in YEARS, but BO BRADY IS BACK BABYYYYY!!!”

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