Is doing World of Warcraft do you need to bring back Master Plunder? A lot of players miss it and want that system back, which may come as a surprise considering it’s been cut out more or less from Wow since the days of Legion and the arrival of Personal Loot. It turns out Ion Hazikostas and the Wow dev team want to return it too.

What if I told you… I want to bring back the master loot, and the team does? It’s something that we’ve been thinking a lot about over the past year, a year and a half, looking at places where we and the community have differed over the years and re-evaluating some of our thinking. Loot is a tricky one.

So why did they get rid of it in the first place? In the interview, Ion talks specifically about the reasons – that it was very difficult to balance between two systems, with Personal and Group Loot side by side, and in terms of the game’s UI it was a major hurdle to both to make it work.

In addition, Group Loot – the system that used Master Looter as well as other options – had some pretty serious problems for players. Imagine you are in a raid group with a large DPS remote component and almost no melee, and the few melee you have are Rogues and Enhancement Shaman, when suddenly a large 2h sword drops. Or you have a ton of melee, and nothing but caster gear and bows are falling. You basically just killed a boss for disenchanting purposes, and it never felt right. With Personal Loot, they were able to tailor drops more directly to group composition, something we forget was very important at the time.

The persistence of loot drama

We don’t always like to talk about it, but the fact is that in terms of borrowed energy systems, the loot was the first, the most enduring, and is essentially the heart of a treadmill system that has served to keep people playing. World of Warcraft since the beginning. You may be looking at me sideways now, but think about it – go back to your first time playing Wow† Maybe you killed spiders on Teldrassil, maybe you fought boars in Durotar, but the first time a better weapon fell and you equip it, you became more powerful. That first green drop? The robes that gave you higher armor, more mana, more health? You don’t still wear those robes – it’s been years and you left those robes behind. But that’s the essence of a borrowed energy system. As you progress, you get better and better gear.

Equipment is the most important and most sustainable borrowed energy system Wow has, the only system that everyone accepts. Sure, it had issues – you ended up disappointed after a while or threw the treasures of Molten Core or Blackwing Lair or the Black Temple or Icecrown Citadel. In the end it was this matter of I earned this awesome stuff and now I have to dress up in a suit Pagliacci would be ashamed of who helped to create transmo. In a way, that made older loot even more valuable – sure, you’re not running old raids for flow but you will absolutely perform them only to look powerful.

This emphasis on loot and the removal of other more breakable systems like Azerite Power means there needs to be an equally robust system in place to ensure loot gets into the hands of players who want it and will use it in a balanced way. While I personally would love it if every boss killed during a heist would immediately drop all the loot everyone wants, in a capacity high enough that we never have to kill that boss again, there are a number of mechanical reasons – balancing the lifespan of content with the development time of new content, just to name one example – why a developer wouldn’t necessarily want to do that. Personal Loot definitely has its pitfalls – think every time an item has dropped, technically been an upgrade, but would cost you too much of a rush to use, and yet you can’t trade it in for a player who could and would use. That’s not ideal either.

How To Bring Back Master Loot But Not Lose What’s Good About Personal Loot

So when Ion Hazikostas was asked about Master Loot – the original system that allowed a single raid leader to easily decide where a particular piece of gear would fall – and why it was replaced by the Personal Loot system, and whether Master Loot would return, he gave a very nuanced answer

One problem with bringing back Master Loot is the idea of ​​returning to that system, which means it can’t necessarily be modified as much as it is now.

Yes, we had our tools, our code, every assumption we made when building loot tables from 2018 has gone one way, and now we should just turn back. There are also a lot of questions to sort out, we also need to keep in mind that going back to group loot means you can drop a bow without fighters in the heist, and sometimes that’s something that will happen and that feels bad, but that’s pretty okay – it has to be. What we can’t let happen is a world where loot is still smart and if you stack a group with 6 Warriors you will only get Warrior loot and it is fully tradable with no restrictions? That just breaks everything, so we just have to find a middle ground for the future, but… that’s something we want to do.

we see a lot from raid stacking in the Mythic raid scene, especially when they race to World First. The grave of the former even saw raids deliberately performing normal/heroic raids for the early days of the race. If we had a Master Loot style system, we would probably have seen even more, and we would see it extending to heists as a whole. If you think the days when you had to play Trial of the Crusader four times a week were bad, just imagine running a full Plate run, followed by an all Rogues run, then an all Healers run to try and get all your players decked out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Looking at Ion’s answers, I’m hopeful that he and the team are trying to strike a good balance between the existing systems. But it’s not as simple as simply turning on the Master Loot switch – there’s work to be done to make it play nice with the current system and how the UI works, and it certainly wouldn’t be quite as custom and comp friendly as Personal Loot can be. The idea of ​​people stacking raids and just Master Looting all the gear for the characters they want to equip would definitely be something that should be addressed. But I’d still like to see it come back.

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