Soap Opera and Hallmark Star Jen Lilley Shares Exciting Family News

When Jen Lilley isn’t acting, the former “Days of Our Lives” star — who has starred in numerous Hallmark films — makes it her mission to care for kids far and near. Like a celebrity ambassador for ChildhelpLilley, an organization that helps fight and prevent child abuse, has spent years advocating for the safety, health and happiness of children. She even took two children, Caden and Jeffrey, into her home as foster sons and eventually adopted them, telling us about the experience in an exclusive interview.

“Foster parenting isn’t for everyone. It’s extremely difficult. There’s no way to cover it up; it’s emotional,” Lilley told us during our sit-down interview. “It will challenge you mentally, and physically, and spiritually and emotionally, beyond what you think your heart can handle. But at the same time, it’s amazing because it opens your heart to so much empathy, and you learn so much.”

After her sons came into her life, Lilley learned she was pregnant and gave birth to her daughter, Julie, in 2019 with husband Jason Wayne (via People† if you’ve been Follow Lilley on social media lately you would also know that she was waiting for another little girl to arrive, giving updates on her pregnancy status as her due date approached and she anxiously awaited the delivery. Now Lilley has big news to tell.

Jen Lilley has welcomed a second daughter

On May 12, Jen Lilley and husband Jason Wayne welcomed a fourth child into their family, Jacqueline Grace, who weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces and had a dramatic birth, as the couple told People† When she told the publication it was a “surprise pregnancy,” Lilley confessed that she just had to trust that everything would be okay. Her confidence was not misplaced, as she was going through a ‘crazy delivery’.

“I had no idea if I was really going into labor. I had Jackie seven minutes after I went to the emergency room. If I hadn’t left when I did I would have had her in the car, and I’m not sure or she would have survived,” Lilley told People, explaining that she had no idea how far along her labor was when they arrived at the hospital. “The midwife said to the nurses, ‘Take her pants off!’ And I thought, why does everyone think this baby is coming now?” the star continued to divide.

Lilley went on to explain that she and her husband were “stunned” that the baby came so quickly, but both mom and little Jacqueline are doing well, with Lilley telling People she’s “so, so happy.” Congratulations to the happy family!

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