While you’ll be reading this post on Friday, I’m writing it on Monday because I’m going to take a little vacation. What better time than vacation to put one of the sweetest sleepy faces in the world in the spotlight? Because Kristin Bell is not the only one who likes sloths. We at Cuteness HQ are pretty big fans too, and we know we’re not alone. No one can resist this combination of long limbs, a tortuous body and a sweet face.

So here’s to enjoying some quiet time with the cutest of the Seven Deadly Sins. Happy Friday!

Who needs a hug?

And those flowers are so beautiful.

Who else needs a hug?

Seriously, folks, hugs are the best.

cue de jaws theme

Sloths can do anything, they rule cuteness.

She’s ready for her close-up

And she also seems to have some ideas about the cinematography.

Do you have grapes?

This sweet boy does!

In the natural habitat

Thumbs up indeed.

Finally, the fastest you’ll ever see a sloth move

Technically, it was the boat that was moving fast, not the sloth. But it’s still cute, so we’ll let it.

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