Yesterday when IGN teased SEGA was to announce a brand new title today, with nothing more than a short audio clip of a high pitched sound, players thought it could be a new IP, or an Ecco The Dolphin remaster/remake.

In this case it was the first, as a new IP address was called hyenas was revealed today during IGN’s Summer Of Gaming livestream. A new multiplayer first-person shooter title is coming PS5 and PS4 that places three teams of five in a small freighter in space.

This is also the shooter rumored to be from the team behind the critically acclaimed horror title Alien Isolation

Each team will fight against security and against each other to steal as much of the transport as possible and get away before time runs out. Successful escape with the most loot, that’s how you win.

You can watch the cinematic reveal trailer that premiered for yourself today, here:

Since you’re in space, part of what sets this title apart from other shooters is that you fight without gravity. The individual characters you play with and their unique abilities also serve to set Hyenas apart from other titles.

There is currently no release date for Hyenas, although it is already possible to sign up for the game official website for a chance to be part of an upcoming alpha playtest.

Source – [IGN]

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