Rabbids: Party Of Legends however, was previously only released in China Ubisoft has now announced that it is coming PS4 consoles start everywhere June 30, 2022

This Rabbids party game features 50 different mini-games for up to four players to battle it out locally, either as a 2v2 split or free for all.

You can create custom playlists and adjust the AI ​​difficulty the way you want for an experience that works best for you. In the plot of the game, the Rabbids are mysteriously transported far from home and must find their way back.

To do this, you play four parties of party games to finally get out of the mythological world that the Rabbids are in.

Developed by Ubisoft Chengdu, the studio says it took its inspiration “from traditional Chinese imagery”, and the story draws from the classic novel, Journey to the West

Source – [Ubisoft]

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