Prince William will reportedly be in the spotlight at his belated 40th birthday party

When Prince William was born 40 years ago, he beat Prince Andrew, the Queen’s son, in the line of succession, and the newborn came second in line to the throne. William thanks fans for the 40th birthday via Twitterand the Clarence House Twitter account, an official platform for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, wished Happy Birthday William with some sweet pictures of William and his father over the years. Pretty standard social media posts for a birthday, but William is royalty after all and he gets a commemorative coin for the occasion. The £5 coin issued by the Royal Mint features the face of William; never before has a second in line to the throne sat alone on a coin, per the guard† He previously featured on a commemorative coin for their wedding with Kate Middleton.

Though she didn’t get a coin of her own, Kate’s likeness also took on a public role when she turned 40 in January 2022 in the form of three royal portraits. The photos, including one of Kate wearing Princess Diana’s jewelry, will be in their permanent home at the National Portrait Gallery in 2023, per People† Despite the impressive jewelry and dresses Kate wore in her 40th photos, she’s been having a quiet celebration since the COVID-19 restrictions went into effect on her actual birthday.

The Queen will host a joint 40th birthday celebration for Prince William and Kate Middleton

But it turns out there’s a bigger birthday party on the horizon. It was confirmed later this summer that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be holding a joint 40th birthday party hosted by the Queen at Sandringham Estate or Windsor Castle, according to the Daily mail† While the Queen is officially the host, since you can’t just throw a party at any of those locations without the Queen’s permission, it will remain a question of whether she will be there until the day when the 96-year-old monarch’s continued mobility is terminated. considered issues, through Mirror

It’s likely that Prince William and his family are doing something today for his 40th birthday, with the bigger celebration ahead to look forward to, which would be in line with how the Queen celebrates her birthday. Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21, but the public celebration for her birthday is on a Saturday in June and includes the Trooping the Color parade. Celebrating the monarch’s birthday with a parade in June dates back to 1748 with King George II, via City and Country

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