The toy industry is incredibly competitive. Before the fall of Toys R Us, inventors would clamor over the very limited toy space available to them. If you were lucky enough to win a coveted spot on the store shelf you were already ahead of the game. If your toy became successful, untold riches awaited you.

These toy inventors created some of the most popular toys in history and in the process they became millionaires. From rocks made out of toys to a billion-dollar idea created by a former NASA rocket scientist, these toys made their inventors wealthy beyond their dreams.


The Slinky is a $250 million toy invention that was created by accident. The toys inventor, Richard James, came up with the idea for his Slinky toy after he dropped a tension spring on the floor and noticed how it flopped around.

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After creating the toy in 1943 it became an immediate success. To date, the Slinky has sold more than 350 million units with profits that have neared $3 billion. Even in today’s tech-driven society, kids still love playing with the Slinky.

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