hello games announced that the physical version of No Man’s Sky for PS5 will launch on October 7, 2022, which is also the new date for the Nintendo Switch version of its space exploration title.

No Man’s Sky has been available as a digital download for Sony’s latest home console since its launch in November 2020, while the Switch version was originally slated to roll out in the summer of 2022.

Originally released for the PS4 and PC in August 2016, No Man’s Sky had a bit of a rough ride in the beginning as many criticized the game for not living up to the pre-release hype. However, Hello Games slumped and in recent years has completely transformed the experience with multiple post-launch content, bringing the game to Xbox platforms.

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The latest expansion to No Man’s Sky, Leviathan, was released last month and is constantly being patched to fix the remaining bugs.

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