A new PS5 model has apparently been registered by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan.

In April, the hardware manufacturer obtained a construction design certificate for a new CFI-1200 model, including new radio equipment.

In addition, the Japanese Ministry of Interior and Communications, a company that ensures that radio and wireless communications equipment meets the necessary technical standards, has awarded the design certification for the new model.

As previously reported, the PS5 hardware will use CFI-1XXX branding at launch, while the revised console, which launched last year, will use CFI-11XX.

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Last year’s redesign of the PS5 didn’t include any major performance improvements, just updated components. There is a good chance that this will be the case with the CFI-1200 series.

In related news, there are still rumors circulating about PS5 Pro which will reportedly offer significant improvements in specs and launch by 2024.

[Source – VGC]

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