Cryptic Studios announced that Neverwinter update 10.53 patch notesbringing even more tweaks to the game, including changes to Rise of Tiamat and Protector’s Jubilee.

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Rise of Tiamat


  • Severin’s fireball power no longer pushes players back into normal mode.
  • Reduced damage to Severin’s Flame Bolt by 20%.
  • Damage dealt by enemies has been reduced across the board.

known issues

  • Fire Wall incorrectly ignores temporary immunity granted by Scrolls of Life and other similar recovery mechanisms.

Anniversary of the Guardian


  • Elminster no longer falsely states that the Confetti Machination has been unlocked account-wide.

Articles and economy

Zen Market

  • The Golden Bell item is no longer for sale in the Zen Market. (This was fixed late last week.)
  • Golden Bells can now be exchanged for 75000 Astral Diamonds each at the Antiquities Scholar in Protector’s Enclave.

User environment


  • Color Picker: The name in sight for Midnightlight’s Candle Glow is made straight from “Mightnightlight.”

Reward Packages

  • The number of boxes in a player’s inventory is no longer displayed incorrectly on standard reward packs.

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