Katherine Schwarzenegger Shares Rare Glimpse Of Family Life With Chris Pratt

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt are clearly happy at home. The proud new mom for the second time took a moment to share some beautiful snaps of the family’s life in some delightfully candid photos. This couple is clearly on the same page and enjoying their partnership since the two started dating in 2018. As shared with We Weekly and other reporters during a virtual chat by the fire in April 2020, Schwarzenegger said: “I’m a great communicator. I got married last June, and just constantly communicating is really the most amazing gift you can have, I think, in a partnership and in a relationship. … I don’t like going to bed angry. And we’re both the same way.”

After the marriage, the Schwarzenegger-Pratt family has continued to grow. The couple announced the birth of their first daughter in August 2020 (along with Pratt’s son Jack and Anna Farris) sharing on Instagram“We are extremely excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt. We couldn’t be happier. Both mom and baby are doing great. We are extremely blessed.” A second daughter came to the family in May† Again, the birth was shared on Instagramwhile Pratt writes, “We are so excited to announce the birth of our second daughter, Eloise Christina Schwarzenegger Pratt. Mom and baby are doing well. We feel beyond blessed and grateful.”

Schwarzenegger’s recent photos give us a glimpse of both the new baby and their happy family life.

At home with the Schwarzenegger Pratts

Motherhood suits Katherine Schwarzenegger, and she loves it. “I feel really comfortable being a mom,” she said Very good health after the birth of her first child.

It is clear that she is still making the most of her home life from her recent Instagram upload of photos from the past months. She captioned the series with “May and June” and a heart arrow emoji. A highlight is a glimpse of tiny baby hands and feet. Fans love these first glimpses of baby Eloise saying, “Those little legs [hearts] just the best.” Another fan adds, “Okay, those socks are the cutest,” while an additional follower enthusiastically says, “I love all these people so much.”

The other photos in the upload show a better understanding of the Schwarzenegger-Pratt household. A fat toddler hand-picks a flower growing in sidewalk crevices, showing appreciation for the little things. A moon rising over a sunset evokes a sense of peace. Chris Pratt cooks for the household and shares life and responsibilities at home. Everyday treats help tell a story with flowers, a basket, a foamy drink with a smile, supplements, and also breast milk and homemade lactation cookies. Rounding out the “photo dump” is a throwback photo of a sweet girl and her dolly — a young Schwarzenegger perhaps?

Fans love this behind-the-scenes look at this Hollywood couple and once again share their congratulations on the new addition.

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