Kate Middleton and Prince William Pen send a heartfelt message to their ailing friend

Let’s just keep it as it is, the royals rarely speak their minds about business. The family is perhaps the most closed family in the world. So when they make a statement about things, people notice. Most recently, they have made statements about Ukraine and even shocked the world with a groundbreaking statement about the Commonwealth in the Caribbean that may one day gain independence. Their latest comments, however, are a little more personal, but just as surprising, according to the person concerned.

The royal family is not the most active on social media. Of course they obviously have people uploading for them which can be seen from some posts with royal initials by them and others being posted in their honor. (Although Prince Harry was known to have a burner Instagram account before, but that’s a story for another day.) For this recent statement, both Kate Middleton and Prince William took to Twitter to write a personal message.

The message was therefore not only all the more special, but also came with great honor.

The royals wrote a personal message to Deborah James

For those of you who may not live in England, Deborah James is a BBC reporter documenting her journey with cancer. After a long battle, the reporter recently announced that: her colon cancer is back and moves to a home care hospice. “Nobody knows how much longer I have but I can’t walk, I sleep most days and most of the things I took for granted are sky dreams,” the Instagram post read. “I know we have left no stone unturned.”

The royal family took Twitter to write James a personal message. Every once in a while someone captures the heart of the nation with their zest for life & tenacious desire to give back to society. @bowelbabe is one of those special people. Her tireless efforts to raise awareness of colon cancer & end it to the stigma of treatment are inspiring,” the royals said on Twitter. “We are so sad to hear her recent update, but are excited to see the [Bowelbabe Fund]which will benefit the [The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust] among other things. Deborah, our thoughts are with you, your family and your friends. Thank you for giving hope to so many people living with cancer. WC.”

Deborah James is honored with damehood

Not only did Deborah James receive a personal message from the royals, but the message also came with some serious honor. James was officially considered a lady in England by Queen Elizabeth II, so the entire royal family is there to honor her. According to BBCthe royals attributed the credit to James’ “honesty, warmth and courage” during her battle with cancer.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Prime Minister had a few kind words for ‘Bowel Babe’ as James goes by on social media. “By her tireless campaigns and by sharing her experience so openly, she has not only helped in our fight against this terrible disease, she has made countless others with the Big C feel not alone,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. the BBC.

James said in a Instagram story that she was “blown away and weeping for honour.”

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