In a recent interview, Ion Hazzikostas said — World of Warcrafts Game Director – talked about how to solve the final squish problem with leveling caused by adding levels with each expansion. One of the points he made was that they have not yet found what they think is an ideal solution. Members of the team have been considering whether an expansion without leveling is even feasible – whether you could just have new places to go and get new content without having to level up before/during that new expansion.

There are, of course, problems with this approach. First, leveling is a clear and intrinsic means of getting stronger in RPGs, even MMORPGs like World of Warcraft — it serves as a means for players to feel fulfilled as if they have achieved something (because they to have) and it is a method of power acquisition that does not rely on RNG. Nor does it rely on borrowed power, which was a recurring feature of expansions until recently. To be permanent strength – you gain levels, you gain powers and abilities, and you get to keep them even after trading old gear for new ones.

Second, removing leveling means you have to think of another way to port content instead of zones or dungeons having level requirements. It creates a flatter experience that makes it easier for players to jump straight to the endgame content. Essentially, an expansion with no levels is real all endgame content.

I don’t know how bad it would be if we got an expansion with no new levels – maybe if Wow adopted an expansion model where you got a new set of zones and new dungeons and raids but didn’t level up there would be more features to add instead of leveling up. Or maybe it would feel awful. What do you think? Would Wow expansions are better, worse, or just different if they didn’t have character levels?

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