players can usually get a few hits on the Bell Bearing Hunter, as it is initially summoned before it starts to attack. Then it’s time for the real fight. It generally uses a handful of attacks at first: it swings its sword 1-3 times, does a shield strike when the player gets behind it, a grab when the player gets too close, and a shield charge when they get too far away. Occasionally, his sword will glow red, indicating that it imbues it with magic. At this point, the sword will extend out of his hand and increase his reach. It’s also possible a slow charging thrust attack that is telegraphed when the sword starts to spin. It can be easily dodged, but deals a massive amount of damage when hit.

So how do you fight the Bell Bearing Hunter? Using a shield with physical negation can be very helpful here, as all of its attacks deal physical damage despite their magical nature. Otherwise, players need to learn the timing and simply roll through the attacks. It usually doesn’t move fast and there are enough gaps between many of its attacks that the player can safely heal. It is worth noting that some players have reported be able to beat the fight by using the horse Torrent to get on a cliff or on a roof where the Bell Bearing Hunter can’t reach and then kill it with ranged attacks.

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