The Season of Mastery concept is a game changer for WoW Classic – it basically allows the game to constantly reinvent itself and preserve what otherwise becomes a very limited set of content (the original Wow and two extensions) into something evergreen. We know that Socialis considering a BCC Season of Mastery sometime after Wrath Classic is being launched, and it seems likely that there will be more such seasons in the future.

So, since we don’t know what that means yet, what can we speculate with Seasons of Mastery? I expect we will of course see continue Classic era 1 to 60 seasons, the above Burning Crusade Classic Seasons, and finally a Wrath Classic Season. But what next?

Could seasonal themes work? WoW classicc?

One possibility is of course Theme Seasons. They have worked with great success in Diablo 3and I see no reason why the idea could not be realized WoW Classic† You couldn’t just wholesale them import – there aren’t really Treasure Goblins in there Wow and it would be a lot of work to enter them. But you could have changes in specific encounters (like we saw in the Season of Mastery versions of Blackwing Lair and AQ) or even something like World Boss Pandemonium, where bosses like Kazzak or Azuregos would appear and attack capitals like Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Imagine a special Dragons of Nightmare mode where: all four hatched at the same time. And we also know that it’s entirely possible for raid bosses to spawn outside of raids – anyone who’s ever seen a PTR or Beta erase when the SocialGM’s all different Wow bosses know it’s possible. There may be a special season where different raid bosses appear and besiege specific locations in the game.

Another option is to do Seasons of Mastery based on events like the Scourge Invasion or the pre-catastrophe Elemental turmoil, which technically comes at the end of wrath† These seasons would in fact be based on those events – so a Classic era For example, Season of Mastery may have the Scourge Invasion permanently enabled. We could even see the Zul’Gurub Corrupted Blood Plague turn into a recurring global event.

Maybe We Can Just Kill Dragons (And Make It Really Worth It)

An idea that can be transferred to WoW Classic by Diablo 3 would be the idea of ​​a specific seasonal improvement, such as the Trials of the storm Seasonal theme that brought a random elemental damage boost – it should be designed around Wow‘s trifecta of roles so it didn’t become useless, but it’s functionally not that much different from the way Corrupted gear or Azerite Armor worked. We have seen such lovers before with Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer† You could even combine approaches – imagine a season of mastery that’s all about slaying dragons and getting the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer buff to do so, be it the quintessential Onyxia, or a dragon in a raid, such as Vaelastrasz or Sindragosa. That would have the potential to change some established raid strategies – perhaps raids would think it’s a good idea to take turns going through UBRS for a small buff of taking down General Drakkisath before hitting Ragnaros in MC for example.

One last idea for Seasons of Mastery that can’t be helped WoW Classic wouldn’t be at all to take Seasons to World of Warcraft‘s current iteration. How would it work? Well it could work basically the same except it would be rooted in one of the extensions which probably never will be come until WoW Classic† It could even be processed in Chromie Time so that during the Retail Season or Mastery you still level up to 60 (or 70 in dragon flight) but if you did you would be stuck with one of the extensions like catastrophe or Mist of Pandaria and all dungeon and raid content would come from that expansion and be unlocked in stages. Each season can choose a different expansion to focus on, allowing players to rediscover that expansion at the peak of their powers.

Here are some ideas for how the Season of Mastery — probably the best addition WoW Classic has made – can be expanded and used in the future to spice up the gameplay. If you have more, the comments are waiting for you. We are very curious what you would come up with.

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