I was thinking about Lord of the Clans the other day. It’s one of my favorites warcraft novels, but at the same time it certainly fills a lot of backstories that players of World of Warcraft maybe not really know. It’s great to see the story unfold through cutscenes, through quests, and dungeon and raid encounters. But it’s also very different from reading a novel of hundreds of pages – there is much more room for ideas and themes to breathe in a novel than in a game, which is a medium for storytelling that also includes playful or game aspects. contains .

For example, the difference between seeing Jaina and her father Daelin interact warcraft 3 is different from the way it might be portrayed in a novel or animated short, and it’s interesting to see how the warcraft movie changed and adapted the story of the first warcraft while unfolding a familiar but clear story. It is not a question of which is better or worse, but whether these different methods can be used together to the same story. Is it fair to players of the game to expect them to watch a short movie or read a book to understand the story? Is the Azshara warbringers Brief need for players to understand what they are doing in the raid?

I like when linked media is part of the story and the world of the game because I just believe it adds for the experience, it doesn’t subtract of it – you don’t have to read war crimes or Sylvanas to understand what’s happening in the game, it only gives you more details if that’s what you’re looking for. But I’m always curious about what you all think. Should tie-in media be kept on their own and away from the games they refer to?

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