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There are a number of franchises that are perfect for a girls night out, rainy fall afternoons, and when you just want to cry. We think of series like the ‘Twilight’ series, ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ – and what is the genre of romantic series without the quadrilogy ‘After’?

Based on the written work of Anna Todd, “After” and its subsequent sequels have garnered a chorus of fans thanks to the steamy romance, twisted emotions and intense heartbreak in the middle of each chapter. The film’s male lead, Hardin, is a Harry Styles-esque character with a traumatized streak through his core. The protagonist is brought to life on screen by none other than Hero Fiennes Tiffin, the gorgeous and hugely talented British actor who has made us all swoon with his intense eye contact and charming acting skills.

While Hardin may have ushered Tiffin into the romantic drama genre, the actor is breaking barriers with his most recent work, “First Love.” Far from his character in “After”, Tiffin brings Jim’s sweet, patient and observant nature to the screen; he catches the attention of Ann from Sydney Park. The two embark on a story that embodies all the nostalgia of young love, as they present real-world problems—and the looming threat of college—onscreen. Prior to the film’s release, we sat down with Tiffin for an exclusive interview, and he talked about the differences between his two famous characters.

Hero didn’t want to be typecast in romantic movies, but the two characters are so contrasting

While so many of us know Hero Fiennes Tiffin from his early work in ‘Harry Potter’ and his blockbuster-worthy performances in the ‘After’ films, the Briton was wary of joining the cast of yet another romantic film. . When we sat down with the actor, he told us that despite his initial hesitation, he was so captivated by the project and the director’s pitch that he had to jump on board. What’s more is that Jim’s character is incredibly contrasting with “After” protagonist Hardin.

†[‘First Love’ is] such a totally different version and kind of romance than ‘After’ is. In particular, the character Jim is so different from Hardin. I thought so, [I’m] I’m not going to make any coming-of-age movies in [my] 40s. [I] must take on the roles while [I] and make the most of it,” Tiffin told us. “It’s such a different movie than ‘After’ that saying they’re both romances is cool, but it doesn’t really mean much anyway, in terms of — I don’t know I don’t feel like I’m typecasting myself or playing one type of character.”

Although he shared “reluctantly” at first, Tiffin was delighted to start such a separate character.

Hero reflects on the completely opposite upbringing of his First Love and After roles

An important part of Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s genre-defining performance as Hardin was the character’s depth, darkness, and past experiences. Reflecting on such a role, Tiffin told us that Hardin and his “First Love” character, Jim, couldn’t have come from more contrasting worlds, making his development as an actor an exciting process.

“Jim has had a very good upbringing and that has allowed him to be a very mature person who is patient and has the time and listens. He is aware that he has a lot more to learn than he already knows, which very sensible thing to think about.” a young age,” Tiffin said, before acknowledging that Hardin’s “difficult parenting” made him much tougher and more reactive.

“It was always very compelling for me to always play a role that is different from the last one,” continued Tiffin, “but specifically to play a role within a romance that is so different.”

“First Love” is now playing in select theaters and is available for rent and purchase on demand.

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