hearthstone just had a little patch release, but it can come with unexpected side effects: many players report lag issues. The good news is that this isn’t really a bug, but rather something that can be easily fixed by tinkering with a new option that was just introduced to the game.

In addition to introducing Naga to Battlegrounds and a few quality-of-life changes, such as the ability to upgrade cards to gold, Hearthstone’s patch 23.2 also introduced a new option for adjusting the game’s frame rate. This is intended to help players playing on lower end devices be it PC or mobile so they can get better performance in the game – overall a very good change.

The problem is that for some reason Socialhas decided to default this Frame Rate option to “low” across the board. So many players unaware of this change were surprised to find that their game, which had been working well, suddenly felt sluggish. I myself had that negative surprise – I was convinced it could be a problem with my computer, and I tinkered with it in vain.

But it turns out that the solution can be found in the game menu itself.

As you probably know, you can access the game menu by clicking the button with a gear icon, which is located at the bottom right corner of the game screen on PC or the top right corner on mobile devices. In that menu, you’ll find the new “Frame Rate” drop-down, which has two settings: Low and High.

Setting it to “Low” limits the game’s frame rate, which will help those with lower-end devices, but it may feel sluggish for those used to playing on high-end machines, tablets, or phones. When you click on that menu, you’ll probably notice that it defaults to an empty option with the new patch.

That empty option is actually equivalent to the “Low” option – which is what is causing the “problem”. So if you have the lag issue, all you need to do is set the frame rate option to “High” and everything should be back to normal.

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