The Clear Coated Eggs are all open and the egg baskets are already back in storage, but the spirit of Noblegarden lives on this week with the hearthstone Everybunny Come in here! Tavern brawl. You thought you missed it, but you didn’t! There’s still time to paint those eggs – and win a brand new standard card pack.

Basics of Tavern Brawl

  • Name: Everybunny Come in here!
  • Description: Happy Noble Garden! Celebrate the season by painting eggs, one will spawn every turn! You’ll be given 10 random class cards and a bunch of food coloring to help you hatch something cute.
  • Fun level: 5/10
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Replayability: 8/10
  • Format: Standard
  • Type: PvP
  • Deck: As long as
  • Rewards: 1 standard pack (this pack can contain cards from any set in the standard rotation)

All you need to do to start this Brawl is select your class. The deck is present. It consists of 10 class cards (spells or minions) and 20 custom cards for the Brawl:

  • Noblegarden kobold: 5/2 minion
  • Hawkstrider hen: 3/6 Beast, Battlecry and Deathrattle: Summon a Noblegarden Egg
  • Roots: give all minions +1/+1 or +2/+2 if it’s a bunny
  • Noblegarden Spoon: Hatch your eggs
  • Shifting Dye: Each turn this is in your hand, transform into a random dye that can polish your eggs

As expected, the object of the game is to reduce the other hero’s hit points to zero with your spells, minions and Noblegarden Eggs. Each turn, a Noblegarden Egg lands on your plate. It’s a hidden 0/2 minion and your Shifting Dye can polish it in different ways depending on the color of the dye. A single egg can contain multiple dyes, assuming you have enough dyes on hand.

  • Vegetable – Toxic
  • Blue – Windfury
  • Orange – Rush
  • Silver – Stealth
  • Pink – To challenge
  • Gold – Divine Shield
  • Purple – Life steal
  • Red – Profit +2/+2

At the start of your next turn, the Noblegarden egg will hatch – whether you painted it or not – into a random minion with the buff that matches the dye. If you don’t buff it, it will hatch into a Bunny (1/3 Beast). Bunny minions get Eggstra stats from the Carrots map and they are a good target for other buffs your class might have.

How To Win Everybunny Get In Here! Tavern Brawl

Choosing the right class is a key factor for victory. Druid is an excellent choice for this Brawl: it’s no exaggeration that they have different spells that benefit from wide boards. You should also consider Warlock as many games get into a top deck war where you have no cards in hand and can only play what you draw – and Warlocks get extra cards. If you prefer a more aggressive stance, Hunter and Demon Hunter are good options. Hunter and Druid also have cards that go well with the Beasts that often spawn from the eggs. Update 2022: Demon Hunter seems to be much more popular this year than in years past.

Most dye aficionados are pretty good with Taunt or Windfury’s possible egg take. I prefer Divine Shield, Poisonous and Rush. You should always polish your eggs if you have food coloring, unless you have the carrot card in hand. Your eggs only stay hidden for one turn and then hatch, and the dyes only work on eggs, so there’s no need to wait. Don’t plan ahead with your dyes as they change color every round. Play them when you have them!

Since you have no idea what’s in your deck, this is another Brawl where you have to play with an Arena mentality. Make trades that leave your followers alive and give you options for future turns. Ideally, you’ll be in control of the board and have plenty of options to punch your opponent in the face.

With only 10 class cards, AOE is scarce, so you can safely build a wide board – and you’re going to build a wide board because every turn a new egg goes down, whether you like it or not. Again, this gives Druids an edge due to the number of class cards buffing the entire board. If your opponent is doing get a lucky AOE, there is little chance of a comeback. If you end up with an AOE in hand, be careful not to use both sides of the board AOE when you’re leading the way, like an unlucky Demon Hunter did to me.

Give the mulligan a good egg amination and consider throwing away anything that isn’t a class card. If you know what class cards you have, you can come up with a plan.

Have fun RNG

This Brawl strikes a good balance between RNG and strategy. The RNG element is present with dyes and the minions your eggs hatch in, but it doesn’t feel as overwhelming as RNG in some other Brawls.

You don’t need to have egg-making skills. Try to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to give in if you seem defeated. Keep your concentration high and don’t get exhausted. There are no ratings or stars to lose, so just get back in line. The Standard package is a nice reward and has a good chance of giving you some cards that you didn’t have to pay for.

Originally posted: 2/4/2021, updated 5/11/2022

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