Michael Mumbai and John Garvintwo experienced developers who both have a history with play station have announced that they have opened a new studio called Liithos

Mumbauer, for his part, was head of the PlayStation visual arts service group and had his hand in series like not mapped and The last of us while Garvin was the former creative director and writer for Days gone by Bee Bend Studio

What’s more, they’ve announced what will be the studio’s first project, and it’s a NFT game called Ashfall

Mumbauer serves as the studio’s chief executive officer, while Garvin is the vice president of creative, along with the writer and director of Ashfall.

It is also worth noting that Mumbauer was also one of the co-founders of That’s not a moon a studio that started with the past Bad Dog and Infinite Department developers. But four months ago, Mumbauer resigned from his position at the studio.

Garvin is the same developer who told players they would have to buy games at full price if they want a sequel.

“At Liithos, we want to deliver the next evolution of AAA gaming to the masses in connected ways never before experienced.” Mumbauer said about the studios website

“The gaming industry is amazing because it has evolved through a series of innovations and never backed down.”

As for the first project, Ashfall, the description on the website shows a dystopian world, with the game set in the Pacific Northwest.

“Global warming has led to massive floods and fires. The apparitions of the Trace – bags of dark energy – have devastated the weather, human lives and decimated entire cities. Civilization has collapsed in local enclaves where humanity is fighting for survival.”

None of that seems uncharted territory for both Garvin and Mumbauer, but what will be interesting to see is how players react to this web3 project when we actually see gameplay from it.

Source – [VGC]

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