epic games has revealed that it is working with format holder Sony to fix input delays for fighting games on PS5 that use the Unreal Engine.

Anyone who has played a fighting game online knows how much input latency and online lag can affect the experience. Landing combos can become nearly impossible by having a bad connection, with the time between your button input and executive being especially slow.

Tekken 7 is a game powered by Unreal Engine, and as a frequent player online I can only reiterate how frustrating lag can be. Okay, so it’s a PS4 game, but the problem remains the same.

Certain characters – especially the Mishimas – can be very difficult to play unless you have a five-bar connection. When execution becomes paramount to unlocking a character’s best abilities, you find yourself at a real disadvantage when input latency becomes an issue.

Anyway, the thing is, gamers are finding that many Unreal Engine powered fighting games are worse off when it comes to latency performance. Fortunately, it seems that Epic Games is trying to fix the problem.

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It’s great to see the passion of the fighting games community and the dedicated efforts to analyze the technical nuances of different titles. We are aware of this input latency issue and are currently working with Sony to support affected developers on our part. You can rest assured that we will do our best to make your beloved games shine on all platforms.

Hopefully this means titles like Guilty Gear Strive and The King of Fighters XV will perform better once Epic and Sony manage to iron out the creases.

[Source – ResetEra]

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