Usually, the phrase “enjoy Echoing Nightmares forever” seems a little ominous, and it still is, because it is Diablo 3s 10th anniversary, and to celebrate we’re getting the popular Echoing Nightmares mode from Season 26 permanently added to the game. And more!

If you remember the big one Eclipse of Tristram event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original diabloor the celebration of season 25 of the entire franchise turning 25, you’ve got the basic idea of ​​what we’re seeing here – a tribute not just to Diablo 3 being 10 years oldbut for all of us who have rampaged through Sanctuary and crushed demons that have kept the game in constant development for the past decade.

We’re getting some presents as a reward for all those long, bloody years of demon crushing? Sounds good. So what are we looking for? D3his 10th birthday?

First, we get the permanent addition of the popular Reverberating Nightmares mode. This mode – which encapsulates a constantly increasing difficulty in similar but straightforward gameplay to Greater Rifts – seems tailor-made to address the concerns of players wondering whether the GR limit would be expanded in the future. Essentially, with the addition of a permanent Echoing Nightmares mode, you no longer really need to need to raise the cap on GR difficulty. If you get to the point where even the GR 150 difficulty isn’t enough for you, run the GRs for Petrified Screams and run Echoing Nightmares for the constantly escalating difficulty.

But that’s not all – there will also be a mid-season Double Bounty event from May 12 through the end of Season 26. This means completing a full Act’s Bounties will yield twice as much Horadric caches for the difficulty level you keep playing. So it’s a good time to start collecting those bounties if you’re looking for a Bounty-specific Legendary, or to collect craft supplies from the Horadric Cache at the end of a specific Act.

So there you have it – Diablo 3 is 10 years old and as a reward Echoing Nightmares lasts now forever.

No, still sounds pretty ominous. But also exciting! Yay for conflicting emotions to fuel my demon crushing rage!

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