Bandai Namco Games has revealed that Elden Ring shipped 13.4 million worldwide as of March 31, 2022, with 1.4 million units shipped in that month alone.

Please note that shipments are not actual sales, but rather represent the number of copies shipped to retailers. It’s still impressive though, and we know that Elden Ring sold 12 million copies on March 12 anyway.

However, the success of Elden Ring cannot be underestimated. The game became Europe’s biggest launch for a new IP since 2016’s The Division and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Speaking of which, you can take a look at our very own Elden Ring review here.

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Bandai Namco Games has previously described Elden Ring as a franchise, meaning we could get a sequel at a later date. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but given how well the game performs, we can’t rule it out.

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