The solution to Miranda the Blighted Bloom is to be strong and try not to let the fight last longer than it needs to – a somewhat daunting strategy for builds centered around exhaustion, yes, but the good news is that Miranda gets over it pretty quickly. under with the right tools. Fire and physical damage of the slashing type work well against it. However, you’ll want to bring at least +5 upgraded weapons to deal significant damage.

Miranda only has three major attacks: the inevitable poisonous fog, a very fast downstroke, and an AOE attack where the ground shimmers around the player before beams of light rain down to deal massive amounts of damage. These last two attacks can’t be parried, but are easy to dodge – just watch Miranda’s telegraph poking its head up and spring-rolling out of every sparkle around your feet.

Neutralizing Boluses or the Cure Poison spell can help build the debuff. Alternatively, you can mix a Wondrous Physick with a Crimsonburst Crystal Tear for a powerful regeneration that exceeds the continuous poison mark. It’s worth noting that a well-timed swat with a torch will interrupt Miranda’s attacks, allowing you to completely bypass the poison.

Choose your anti-venom, get ready with slashing or firearms and go full Leroy Jenkins. You will be rewarded with an endurance-enhancing amulet for your efforts to destroy weeds.

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