First you have to reach Chelona’s rise† This is only possible after defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, the great insectoid boss you will fight during Ranni’s quest. Astel can be found in the Lake of Rot region near Grand Cloister. Once Ansel is down, the player gains access to the elevator in Deep Ainsel Well. That elevator takes the player to the Moonlight Altar plateau. Chelona’s Rise is located in the southwest corner of Moonlight Altar.

When you first find it, Chelona’s Rise is closed off by a blue magic forcefield. A book on a pedestal outside asks the player to find “three great wise beasts”. This refers to the three huge, blue-hued turtles that can be found over Moonlight Altar.

Note: Do not fast travel or rest until all three turtles are defeated or they will disappear.

The first turtle is found just behind Chelona’s Rise. From the entrance, head west to the cliffs and look over the edge. The turtle will cling to the side of the cliff. Send it with a ranged weapon or spell.

From there, head east past Moonlight Altar. Follow the cliffs until you come to a rock formation that leads to a higher plateau. Follow that plateau to the southeast corner, look over the edge and find Tortoise #2 on a lower plateau.

Finally, travel to the northwest corner of Moonlit Altar, near Ringleader’s Evergaol. Look for the Spirit Spring. Turtle #3 floats on top. Just jump on Torrent and ride the Spirit Stream up. Doing this will break the Chelona’s Rise Seal. Find Ranni’s Dark Moon in a treasure chest at the top (via YouTube

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